Speexx, the industry leader for digital people development, coaching, and language training, has been awarded the Worlddidac Award 2023 for its Speexx Coaching™ solution. 


The Worlddidac Awards are a recognized seal of quality in the EdTech landscape. Speexx Coaching ™ was named as a winner following a thorough one-month evaluation process. The Worlddidac Foundation has been dedicated to evaluating and recognizing innovative solutions for over 30 years and 2023 marked the 20th anniversary edition of Worlddidac Awards, which are presented every two years to valuable products. 

The award ceremony took place on November 21, 2023, in Bern, Switzerland, where trophies and certificates were presented as a part of the Swissdidac & Worlddidac Bern Education Fair. 

Speexx Coaching™ focuses on the alignment of coaching programs with HR and company strategies across various dimensions, including project management, needs assessment, coach relations, and platform features. Speexx Coaching™offers digital business coaching across +35 topics, global delivery, project administration, business analytics, and secure data storage. 

Speexx Matchmaker™ was a key differentiator in the evaluation process: The smart algorithm is integrated into the Speexx Coaching™ offering and considers factors like goals, areas of improvement, experience, languages, job role, and coaching style to match coachees with the ideal coach.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have received the honor of the Worlddidac Award 2023 for Speexx Coaching™. Receiving such a prestigious award is a great confirmation of the innovative nature and quality of our product and services in the competitive field of digital coaching,” said Armin Hopp, Founder of Speexx. 


About The Worlddidac Foundation 

The Worlddidac Foundation celebrates and reward the most outstanding EdTech contributors and further incentivizes manufactures to continuously strive to develop and create innovative good quality equipment and solutions. 

Since its inception in 1984, products and solutions that have been submitted are subjected to an in-depth examination and stringent assessment by a jury of international experts. As the patron of this biannual event, the Foundation aims to motivate manufacturers of educational products to develop high quality and innovative equipment and solutions. The Worlddidac  Award is recognized as an accolade of excellence by maintaining a high standard and promoting continuous improvement. 

To learn more about Speexx Coaching™ and the other Worlddidac Award 2023 winners, visit: https://worlddidacaward.org/winner23-speexx. 

About Speexx

Speexx is the benchmark for excellence in digital people development. Speexx uses groundbreaking AI technology and a global network of top coaches to provide corporate language training, skills assessment and business coaching services to large organizations everywhere – all integrated with the customer’s people tech and within a safe online environment.

More than 1,500 of the world’s leading brands and organizations use Speexx for smarter language skills training and business coaching services to deliver results on time. With more than 8 million users, Speexx is one of the most widely used corporate online solutions for business coaching, skills assessment, and language training for all major business languages with ongoing support in 13 languages.

Speexx was founded in 2011 and has won more than 200 awards. The company has 1,700 staff and coaches and is located in Munich, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York, and Shanghai.

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