Manifestation is now officially a thing: the hashtag #Manifestation has been viewed more than 37 billion times on TikTok, with popular video titles like ‘This sound made everything I wanted come true‘ or ‘Apply this manifestation technique and make your life your dream‘ constantly trending.

Manifestation and Success, Reach the Stars!

Anna Gionet from Shane Co. reports that, as of 2022, 52% of Americans believe in the power of manifestation, with GenZ and the younger generations being particularly gripped by the notion. So, what´s it all about?

Manifestation is rooted in the idea of using thoughts, beliefs, and actions to attract and achieve your goals and desires. In this article, we´ll take look at the different forms of manifestation, how they work, and how they apply in the context of professional success. Whether you´re an entrepreneur, manager, or someone who simply wants to achieve their professional goals, manifestation can be a powerful tool that helps you unlock your potential and give life to your dreams.

Of course, many of the videos you find on the subject on social media are overhyped clickbait and have little to do with the practice of manifesting. So let´s dive a little deeper to get a fuller understanding of what it´s really about.


Understanding manifestation

Manifestation is, in fact, not a new concept at all; it´s also been known as New Thought, the Law of Attraction (LoA), or simply Positive Thinking. Authors like Napoleon Hill, Rhonda Byrne and Louise Hay wrote best-selling books on the subject, such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Secret” and “You Can Heal Your Life”. Despite its different guises, the core principle remains the same:

Our thoughts and beliefs have the power to create our reality.

By harnessing the power of our mind, we can direct our thoughts, emotions, and actions to attract what we want.

Law of Attraction (LoA)

Most people are familiar with the concept of Law of Attraction as the universal principle of like attracts like; that is to say, if we change something within ourselves, this change will eventually and necessarily be reflected in the outside world.

This means that our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings have the power to influence our reality and attract corresponding experiences into our lives. By harnessing the power of the LoA (aka manifestation), we align our thoughts, intentions, and actions to create a solid foundation for success, attracting the right circumstances and opportunities to support our growth.

Is manifestation magic?

So, is this pure hokum or does it have a base in reality? Well, let´s be clear: manifestation is not a magic recipe for instant results. Without putting in the actual work, manifestation won´t manifest you much! Think of it more as an energy that – when infused with your daily efforts and planning – creates inspired action with the power to bring you much closer to the results you´re seeking.

For example, you will not become the perfect leader for your people overnight just by manifesting yourself. It takes more: the belief and positive energy that you can do it, and the hard work. Business coaching can provide additional support in the process of achieving your goals.

It´s useful to know what manifestation is and is not; being aware of the misconceptions surrounding LoA means you´re less likely to be fooled by “experts” on social media who claim to have unlocked the power of LoA but whose success comes from scamming people.

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What is and is not manifestation

This is manifestation:

  • The process of attracting desired results into one’s life through the power of thought, belief, and action. ✔ This involves aligning your mindset and energy with your goals to create a reality that matches your intentions.
  • Techniques such as positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, and journaling. ✔ These practices help individuals focus their attention, clarify their goals, and develop a strong belief system that supports their success.
  • It’s not a magical or instant solution. ✔ Manifestation requires consistent effort, dedication, and a positive mindset. It is a proactive approach that empowers individuals to take inspired action towards their goals and make the necessary changes to align their reality with their