The Quest for Excellence: Speexx presents Blended Learning case to IELA Awards´ panel

Speexx actively pursues the collaboration with partners to drive excellence and increase the quality of the solutions. Partnerships with like-minded organisations are at the foundation of Speexx business philosophy.

Through Awards programs Speexx seeks out the challenge of industry peers and presents customer cases to share knowledge and push for the credit we believe our customers deserve through successful results of their digital transformation projects. Every year, Speexx actively pursues there Award opportunities.

Speexx is among Top Nominated for IELA Awards

In June 2016 Speexx accomplished to be among the top-nominated for the IELA Awards, the platform provided by the International E-Learning Association since 2010. The award ceremony was held on Friday, 17th June at the ICELW Conference in New York.

In Pursuit of Excellence

The IELA Awards Committee reviews the eLearning case presented on underlying pedagogical model, usability and overall significance, among other factors. The Awards are given to best work in e-learning, mobile learning, and blended learning, in 2 divisions: Academic and Business/Industry.

The International E-Learning Association (IELA) is dedicated to advancing
the knowledge and practice of e-learning in the classroom and the workplace. The members of IELA represent several continents, industries, government bodies and academic communities and the diverse community of e-learning professionals, researchers and students.

The expert opinion of the IELA Awards panel sets the bar high each year on every entry. As the representation base is global, the requirements for compliance in quality excellence are literally world class. Being eligible for an IELA Award therefore equal to certifying your business solution.

“Our customers always provide the ideal context for our blended learning solution to empower business communication”, said Armin Hopp, founder and President of Speexx. “I consider the quality of our solution therefore a mutual success story and it is gratifying to see it recognised and celebrated by the IELA panel. This award recognition will drive us to continue improving and remain among the best of the industry.”

A full list of Speexx awards can be found here.
Download the Press Release IELA Awards 2016 Speexx.