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As virtual exchanges continue to dominate most of our social interactions, many employees are finding themselves isolated and overrun with work. While there isn’t much most companies can influence regarding a global pandemic, one thing organizations can do is bring teams together to collaborate creatively in a virtual workshop.

This article will provide you with best practices for planning and running a digital workshop.


What is a digital workshop?

A digital workshop is an event hosted virtually wherein groups of participants join and discuss certain topics and interact with the speaker and the content – whether the content be video, text, or images.

Online workshops tend to delve into topics deeper than in in-person conferences or trainings. They provide space for looking at the topics more objectively, and allow for more interaction between the participants, host(s) and the content.

One obvious benefit of a digital workshop is that any member of your team can actively participate and create ideas during the event regardless of where he or she is geographically located. This also means that the host doesn’t need to worry about the stress of setting up a presentation, or if each participant will have the same ability to see or access the material. In short, the space and time limitations of an in-person event are removed.

Of course, this also means there are significantly fewer costs involved with transportation, logistics and other event preparation work, which is something that most hosts dread the most!

A digital workshop is also a great way for participants to learn more practical skills because they can try out new methods and ask questions in a fail-safe space. This way, they can apply their learnings to their daily jobs almost immediately.

The amount of content needed usually depends on the duration of the workshop itself. If it is longer than a few days, you might need to reconsider the amount of material you have. A workshop should introduce a new concept and spark curiosity and interest to encourage participants to investigate it further on their own, or to demonstrate the practice of the new methods. Thus, it makes more sense to get participants participating as soon as possible.

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Workshop vs. Hackathon?

Workshops (virtual or live) are something that most organizations are familiar with, but another popular term we hear frequently when it comes to engaging events is the term “hackathon.”

So, when should you hold a workshop, and when does the occasion call for a hackathon?

Generally speaking, a hackathon is a type of knowledge-sharing event that is used to brainstorm new ideas to achieve a specific goal. People often abandon their day-to-day job tasks for the length of the duration of the hackathon with the goal of coming up with new ideas, and creating and presenting prototypes of said new ideas. In some hackathons, the goal would be to actually build an end-to-end product. Many well-known products, like the Facebook Like button, were created in hackathons (and Mark Zuckerberg was certainly an early adopter and organizer of hackathons).

If a hackathon is centered around a specific problem, then the prototype or final product should provide a solution to that problem. Typically, in a hackathon, participants get to choose what they want to work on and develop. At the end of the hackathon, there can be panel of judges to select the best solution. Usually, hackathons typically last between a day and a week.

Overall, a hackathon is an event where people come together to solve problems creatively. A digital workshop is the broader term used to gather your organization to learn and solve problems together, so keep reading to discover how to create the best virtual workshop for your needs.