Break down Communication Silos!

If you work in a multinational organization with offices all over the world your workforce has a business need to communicate across borders with colleagues, clients and partners. But without the right language skills, your staff ends up working in local silos, unable to communicate with the rest of their corporate world.

Bad communication directly results in serious errors, delays and financial losses for your company. It’s no wonder 90% of organisations consider communications to be vital for business success.

It’s time to break down your communication silos!

In a global context, the integration of blended learning into cloud-based HRM systems not only enables HR and L&D to deliver standardized content. It also helps to consolidate and report on skill sets across the entire organization and to break down local training silos. For example, say a company has a position opening up in its New York office for a software developer with a solid grasp of IT English. Instead of going through a long and costly recruitment and onboarding process, HR might use the talent management system’s business analytics tools to step out of its silo and find a suitable candidate in its global talent pool.

Reducing complexity and driving ROI

When BASF switched from traditional classroom training to a blended solution in 2012, the company cut its direct training costs by 30% and its indirect training costs by $100,000. At the same time, it enhanced consistency and scalability, covering 80% of all employees. Even in the early days of blended learning, ROI was clearly visible. When Ernst & Young switched from traditional training to a blended e-learning solution in 2000, the company cut its training costs by 35% while enhancing consistency and scalability.

With a clear one-vendor strategy, organizations use blended learning to reduce complexity in training administration and to drastically cut training costs.

Speexx brings you the Perfect Blend of mobile and online business language training solutions – available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Break your language silos now!