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Technology combines with top-tier coaches to deliver advanced digital learning available in 42 languages. Our business coaching programs are tailored to meet individual requirements and align with the wider strategy of your organization.

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Speexx Coaching™ – How it works

We get your people started with a detailed needs analysis to identify goals and focus areas – backed by AI and behavioral science.
AI-driven technology works with behavioral science to suggest three coaches and the perfect match. Speexx Matchmaker™ will pair each client's needs, professional profile, and personal goals with the ideal coach profile. We do the work; you stay in control. Plus, if the fit does not work out, our coachees can change their coach anytime.
As a start, client and coach agree on all personal goals in a chemistry meeting. In the following sessions, they work towards these goals. To join, coachees open the app on their mobile or desktop and meet their coach in a safe environment. Personal development has never been easier.