Digital Language Training as a Fringe Benefit

High inflation and talent shortage mean the issue of pay raises have become a hot topic for HR professionals around the globe. Understandably, companies are struggling with the best way to respond.

Enter employee language and communication skills training as a tax-free fringe benefit for your entire workforce. 

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Sure you could start handing out pay raises and everyone would be happy, right? Well, not quite.

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Why Speexx as a Tax-Free Fringe Benefit?

Many businesses provide language education as a fringe benefit so their employees can improve their communication skills and gain additional knowledge. In most countries this perk is tax-free and an attractive alternative or addition to taxable pay-raises. Talk to your Speexx consultant to find out if tax exemption for employee language training applies to your country.

Why Speexx? Language skills are one of the few coaching topics that apply to almost everyone in an international organization. Plus, you want to be sure that a fringe benefit brings real value to your co-workers. Speexx has as a 98% user satisfaction rate and has been recognized as the #1 digital language training platform on the popular review platform G2.

Speexx is the ideal platform for providing communications skills training as a fringe benefit. The digital platform brings you a brand new, learner-centric focus within a  global training solution for the hybrid workplace.

All devices for mobile Corporate Language Training as a Fringe Benefit
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All devices for mobile Corporate Language Training as a Fringe Benefit