System Requirements

Speexx System Requirements

Version 6.2

To get the most out of your Speexx language course, make sure your systems meet the following

  • Internet Explorer (min. 11), Microsoft Edge, Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), Firefox (latest)
  • Mobile: iOS min. 8.x (Safari browser), Android min. 4.4 (Chrome browser)
  • Pronunciation training:  Windows, Mac OS, Linux: Adobe Flash Player 11.2 or higher
                                                 Mobile: Speexx Pronunciation App for iOS and Android

Speexx Domain                 
                                                        HTTPS (Port 443)

Speexx Domains China    
                                                        HTTP (Port 80)

Pronunciation training     
                                                        RTMP (Port 1935), RTMPS (Port 443) or RTMPT (Port 80)

Recommended bandwidth 300kbit/s

Virtual Classroom

Speexx uses Adobe Connect’s web-conferencing technology for its virtual classroom.
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux: Adobe Flash Player 13.0 or higher
Bandwidth requirements:            Recommended rate downstream/upstream: 400kbit/s                                                   
                                                           min. bandwidth microphone only: 50 kbit/s                                                          
                                                           min. bandwidth microphone and webcam: 150 kbit/s

Flash Player connects to:                                                              

Security Flash Player                      Access to the subnet on the proxy
  • Mobile: Adobe Connect Mobile App for iOS and Android