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Millennials and Gen Z
– Challenges for HR and L&D –

Enter this webinar and learn how to manage and overcome the challenges brought on by the new generations entering the workforce – Millennials and Gen Z.

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On Demand Webinar

AI and L&D: Merging Tech & Talent

AI and L&D: Merging Tech & Talent

Enter this webinar and see how Speexx uses AI and other new technologies to deliver personalized learning to users across global organizations.

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On Demand Webinar

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in L&D

Artificial Intelligence

Together with OpenSesame, we peel away the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to find the practical applications of these technologies in corporate training and L&D.

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Learning Motivation

In this webinar hosted with Cambridge Assessment English, we discuss learning motivation and strategies of how you can engage your learners, looking at examples from global companies on how to increase learning motivation.

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Speexx PowerUp Webinars 

talent development cover

Talent Development | Business English Webinar

Don’t just settle for what’s good enough to make your company tick—learn how to push it further. This starts by honing the current strengths of your own employees. Great talent development helps HR professionals achieve corporate and educational goals, creating a stronger and more effective organization. The PowerUp webinar series is a free service for our friends and customers.

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The 70:20:10 Model | Business English Webinar

The 70:20:10 training and development blend helps accelerate employee learning to support a changing business. Through a better understanding of network-building, modern L&D tools, and a mix of formal and informal working practices, you can lead your new team members more effectively than ever. The PowerUp webinar series is a free service for our friends and customers.

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performance management

Performance Management | Business English Webinar

As a global HR or L&D professional, you might often need to be involved in global performance management in your organization. This webinar will help you develop the appropriate vocabulary, making it easy for you to interact with people across your global organization. Communicate effectively and master the English terms you need most when dealing with performance management.

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Speexx Webinars Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation | Business English Webinar

The fast-changing digital world is making its way into the workplace. Terms like “digital transformation”, LMS or “digital roadmap” are becoming more and more used. If you are an HR or L&D Professional and sometimes feel you lack the key vocabulary to communicate effectively, this webinar provides you with the professional English skills needed to master Digital Transformation.

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Eliminate Bias in AI and Drive Soft Skills Development

The limitations of AI are related to the parameters of its data. As with all computer systems, AI is only as good as the data on which it is based. So, decisions based on data soon run into trouble if they don’t consider all the parameters. Intelligent recruitment and performance development systems tend to focus on hard skills, such as technical qualifications and certifications. More often than not, they do not take account of soft (or behavioral) skills, partly because these are perceived as hard to measure.

By |November 29th, 2019|

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