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Many companies struggle to capture the attention of distracted learners. Learn how modern and unique learning methods, such as Gamification and Microlearning, can help successfully drive employee satisfaction while meeting the needs of your business.

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E-book Microlearning

In this e-book you will learn

  • How to leverage the power of lifelong learning

  • How effective Microlearning must be designed to address precise user needs

  • How gamification drives engagement & better learning

  • How to create engaging and transformational learning experiences

  • How to adopt mobile learning techniques
  • How thought leaders in learning and learning innovation explain the popularity of Microlearning and Gamification

Thought Leaders on the need for Microlearning:

Josh Bersin Principal & Founder Bersin, Deloitte Consulting
“Why is Microlearning so popular? Think about sales training: Do you really want a bunch of 20-minute videos? Or would you rather have a system that allows each sales rep to learn just what they need for five minutes a day—and follow up by posting their own videos and evaluating their colleagues? That’s the promise, and AI and Big Data are going to help make it easy.”
Jane HartFounder of the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT)
“There are two types of learners: Traditional workplace learners who rely on training that their company has designed and mandated for them, and “modern professional learners”, who recognize that learning happens incidentally as they look for the best way of carrying out their daily work. For this new generation of learners, learning is self-directed, from discovering and sharing useful learning content right through to taking responsibility for their own progress”