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REHAU Boosts Employee Language Skills Through OCN Integration With Speexx

42 Countries with Users
20,000+ Users with Access to Speexx Core

Speexx’s innovative OCN integration with SAP SuccessFactors enabled REHAU to provide language training to its 20,000+ employees for the first time ever. With a new Enterprise license, Speexx Core is now available to everyone, allowing REHAU to determine the level of language training needed across its entire workforce.


REHAU is a privately held company specializing in polymer-based solutions for the construction, industry, and automotive sectors. Founded in 1948, the company has more than 20,000 employees in over 50 countries. REHAU is headquartered in Rehau, Germany, and is recognized as an international leader in its field.
The company’s focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has contributed to its success over the past 70 years. As a global business, REHAU recognizes the importance of language skills in facilitating effective communication and collaboration across different regions and cultures.


REHAU needed a language learning solution that could provide training to all employees worldwide and determine the level of need across the entire workforce. They wanted a digitally-focused, secure solution with a proven success track record that accommodates different learning needs and preferences.

REHAU also wanted a solution provided by an expert in digitalization and scalable solutions, boasting learning progress tracking, and anchored by specific TISAX certification (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) – which are offered by Speexx.

"The feedback on the Speexx language training offer has been great! That is because people find it convenient to include small exercises and sessions into day-to-day work. Since you are the one deciding how much time you invest into learning, you can even reach a higher level in a short amount of time. All in all, consistency is the key, and with Speexx helping you build it, you can earn your certificate in no time!"

Lena Jäger, Training & Program Designer, REHAU


Speexx provided a comprehensive solution to meet REHAU’s language training needs. They offered language courses for all levels and designed personalized learning plans based on employees’ skills and preferences.

Speexx’s OCN integration into SAP SuccessFactors allowed REHAU to introduce Speexx Core for all employees. The integration simplified the process of accessing courses and eliminated administrative work for REHAU. The launch of Speexx for All was enhanced by a series of webinars introducing Speexx training.


OCN integration, the launch of Speexx Core for all employees, and the excellent relationship between the L&D Manager and the Speexx team were the main factors that led to the success of this project. Thanks to Speexx, REHAU has now been relieved of back-end administration, and can now focus on driving employee engagement with Speexx Core. This enabled over 20,000 REHAU employees from 42 countries to access digital language training and skills assessment with reduced training costs. Users can upgrade to higher service levels if they wish to do so.