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Ottobock Achieved Efficient and Effective Language Training Through Partnership with Speexx

20 Week-long Customized Workshop
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Since 2016, Speexx and Ottobock have been collaborating to provide language training, initially starting with the after-sales group and eventually expanding to include trainees and all employees in Germany and Austria. Speexx all-in-one digital platform, which encompasses Smart for All courses, Language Assessments, and customized workshops, has proven to be an ideal solution for Ottobock’s diverse language training needs.


Ottobock is a med-tech company that creates innovative products and customized treatments in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics. With over 8,000 employees and 240 patient care centers worldwide, Ottobock combines an international approach with a local presence.

Ottobock is headquartered in Duderstadt, Germany, and has a network of research, production, logistics sites, sales, and service companies in more than 50 countries. For over 100 years, Ottobock’s mission has been to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. In 2016, the company was looking for an effective solution to increase the English language skills of its MASC (Manufacturers After Sales Service Center) employees across Germany.

Ottobock had previously used face-to-face classes but needed a more scalable solution.

“Our collaboration with the language provider Speexx, which goes back several years, works quickly and efficiently. By integrating Speexx courses into our learning management system, employees can independently and conveniently choose the courses that are most suitable for them. This is very user-friendly and is really appreciated by our employees. We look forward to collaborating further with Speexx.”

Tabea Freitag, Training Coordinator, Ottobock


Ottobock sought flexible and effective training to increase the English language skills of its employees. They were seeking a solution that could easily integrate with their LMS, Cornerstone OnDemand, and thereby guarantee access for all employees in Germany and Austria.

Alongside language learning, Ottobock also needed an efficient tool to assess employee English proficiency.

They were also keen to advance the English knowledge of their annual trainee hires and increase overall learning engagement within this group.


Speexx introduced a comprehensive solution centered around Smart for All, an all-in-one digital platform. It offers unlimited virtual group sessions with qualified trainers, fostering interactive and personalized learning experiences. Ottobock also implemented Speexx Language Assessment for accurate proficiency evaluation.

In 2023, Speexx further enhanced engagement among Ottobock’s trainees through a series of twenty weekly customized English workshops. This fruitful partnership empowers Ottobock’s trainees to utilize both Speexx Smart and tailored workshops designed to cater specifically to their individual requirements. Seamless accessibility to Speexx courses is ensured through Ottobock’s LMS, Cornerstone OnDemand, benefiting all employees in Germany and Austria.


By implementing Speexx digital training platform, Ottobock has successfully optimized its language learning budget and implemented flexible, scalable language training solutions. Ottobock highly values Speexx ability to tailor and schedule customized English workshops for their trainee group, resulting in a doubling of engagement levels.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Ottobock utilized Speexx’s “Work from Home” program, granting 70 employees free access to Speexx Essentials and an upgrade to Speexx Expert.

This initiative marked the beginning of their highly productive learning journey with Speexx, maximizing language learning resources and enhancing employee proficiency, while effectively engaging trainee staff.

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