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Club Med: Developing Learning Engagement for a Mobile Population

43% Of Employees Used Speexx via the App
2,512 Training Paths
3,133 Quarterly Connections via the App

Speexx partnered with Club Med to develop an innovative language learning program for its diverse workforce across 70 resorts worldwide without easy access to a computer. By leveraging the Speexx mobile app and intranet with a strong communication plan, 43% of employees accessed the platform, fostering engagement, autonomy, and a commitment to continuous development.


Club Med is the pioneer of all-inclusive travel, offering approximately 70 premium resorts in more than 30 countries in remote locations around the world, notably in Europe, America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. Club Med has 23,000 employees from more than 110 nationalities.


In tourism – and in particular at Club Med – foreign language skills are essential for achieving operational excellence. With dozens of resorts across the globe, where staff speak more than 30 languages, the need for clear communication is even greater to help facilitate customer satisfaction.

Additionally, for Club Med, democratizing learning and prioritizing development for its people are strong aspects of the company’s ethos, with its corporate university – Talent University – encouraging employee advancement and development.

For the past 7 years, Club Med has entrusted Speexx to develop an innovative educational program to transform language learning and stimulate engagement, inspiration, and creativity in learning by providing free and universal access to the platform for all employees.


In December 2021, Club Med commissioned Speexx to curate a tailor-made digital blended learning path integrated with the Club Med ecosystem, Workday. The platform is open to all, regardless of level or objectives, and is adapted to a population of mobile learners who are unable to connect to a computer on a daily basis.

Club Med wanted a language learning solution that embodied the company values of kindness, multiculturalism, responsibility, freedom, and pioneering spirit, which would form a part of its Talent University offering.

“The notion of being an active participant in one’s own development is key at Club Med, and this is the case with Speexx. With Speexx today, our employees have the possibility to activate their training action plan whenever they want. They also have a platform that is accessible from their phones. Our learners can launch their course independently via Speexx. For us, this reinforces the vital notion of ‘I am committed, and I can launch my desire for training at any time’ for our employees.”

Olivier Montagnier, Learning & Development Manager, Club Med


Most of the employees who are based in Club Med’s 75 resorts do not have immediate access to a computer. These potential learners can only access their language training with a smartphone via the Speexx mobile app or the company’s intranet.

Speexx, with its customized digital training program integrated within the Club Med ecosystem, solved these problems by using Club Med’s own communication channels via the company intranet, handing out flyers directly in villages, and using other innovative communication methods to stimulate learning engagement.

With its wide accessibility and personalized microlearning packages, Speexx enabled Club Med users to achieve their language learning goals in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.


Speexx completed a SCORM integration via the Workday LMS to give Club Med learners access to Speexx on any device. In addition, Speexx and Club Med designed an annual, multi-channel communication strategy across all villages to drive engagement with Speexx and encourage platform adoption.

From May to July 2022, 43% of Club Med employees from 118 locations across all continents accessed Speexx via the mobile app. In addition, the Speexx interface has been translated into 14 languages, providing widespread access for Club Med employees, with a view to increasing this number in the future.

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