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Cepsa’s 2030 “Positive Motion” Strategy: Prioritizing Innovative and Personalized Learning

1,200+ Active Users since October 2022
150+ Learners in Intensive Solutions Every Quarter
+75% Of Employees Meet Language Training Objectives

Speexx’s collaboration with Cepsa – one of Spain’s largest energy companies, fully committed to leading the energy transition race – is a success story. This partnership has helped Cepsa evolve from a traditional language learning approach to a fully digital one, adapting to the needs and demands of a multinational and sustainable company.


After a rigorous vetting process, Speexx was selected as Cepsa´s language learning provider. Speexx’s experience in the energy sector and its vision of the industry were decisive factors in this outcome. After aligning Speexx’s solutions with Cepsa’s needs, the collaboration began in October 2022. Today, Speexx supports Cepsa in its endeavor to enhance the language skills of its workforce by optimizing resources, providing users with greater flexibility, and democratizing learning through granting all staff access to the program.

Speexx also enables users to measure their progress and evolution more effectively, resulting in a significant increase in user engagement and time spent in the program. This success story highlights Speexx’s ability to compete in a demanding and highly competitive market, and to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

"Since working with Speexx, we have almost tripled the number of hours that Cepsa employees dedicate to language training. We have more than 1000 people who are now learning multiple languages with Speexx, not just English."

Alicia Hernández, Chief Learning Officer, CEPSA


Cepsa was seeking a solution that would allow increased flexibility and customization in its language learning program, moving away from the traditional model of annual courses. Before the pandemic, Cepsa offered language training to a limited number of participants, making it difficult to globally improve specific skills and manage groups. Speexx provided a flexible and tailor-made digital solution that adjusts to the needs of staff and improves their professional performance more effectively.


Cepsa has a corporate license that allows all employees to have self-study access, as well as live virtual sessions. More intensive course packages are also available, depending on the employees’ needs. Cepsa has implemented various measures to enhance employees’ commitment and continuity in learning. A program of quarterly calls has been established, allowing Cepsa to manage participation according to their needs and availability throughout the year, considering different work cycles and priorities. Another measure taken is a co-payment system, introduced to encourage a sense of responsibility and commitment to learning on the participants’ part.


Cepsa has achieved significant results since working with Speexx. One of the key achievements is the increased involvement in language learning, thanks to the flexibility of using a digital model. The time invested in language learning has doubled, and the methodologies used are more diverse, enabling greater personalization of the programs. Additionally, tools like Speexx Manager provide greater transparency, enabling Cepsa to measure more easily the learning progress and linguistic evolution of the workforce.

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