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Atos Includes Language Training in its CSR Approach

71 Countries with Learners
15,000+ Active Users on Speexx
Open Access For All Employees

Atos has chosen Speexx as its sole language training platform to meet various individual and strategic needs. With CSR at the heart of Atos’ DNA, the Speexx solution aligns with this approach, offering enhanced accessibility and the “Grow Your Skills, Grow a Tree” initiative.


Atos is a global leader in secure and decarbonized digital transformation. Its solutions span across various sectors, from banking to telecommunications to chemistry. With a strong focus on CSR, the company sought a unique partner for its language training programs that could align with this inclusive framework.


Before adopting Speexx, Atos worked with multiple providers, resulting in an inconsistent learning experience for the group’s learners. Atos then decided to standardize its language training offering by selecting a single solution for all entities within the group, allowing each employee to learn a language freely.


By engaging Speexx, Atos aimed to implement a solution seamlessly integrated into their digital environment. Speexx’s technical teams achieved an OCN integration with SAP SuccessFactors. As a result, the Speexx solution became easy for global and local training managers to manage.

The specific learning paths, certified by W3C, facilitated easy platform adoption even for individuals with disabilities. Before implementation, a visually impaired employee tested Speexx to ensure the platform was truly adapted to their needs.

Now, Atos employees worldwide have access to digital language training without requiring validation from their managers. They can learn or improve their foreign language skills, regardless of their ultimate motivation, whether professional necessity or personal interest. This language training solution needed to align with Atos’ DNA, emphasizing both environmental and societal CSR aspects.

"I love hearing from users who activate their platform access while on vacation or during their commute. Having the ability to access Speexx anytime is fantastic."

Petya Panova, Global Learning Service Manager, Atos


Fostering an Intercultural Community Through Languages. The deployment of Speexx within Atos aims to ultimately foster the emergence of a truly intercultural community, breaking down language barriers and enabling each employee to access a broader worldview easily. Long-term engagement and motivation of learners are essential. Therefore, Atos’ L&D teams collaborate closely with Speexx’s Customer Success teams to develop ongoing communications via the Atos Language Academy internal communication tool, even as the group adopts a zero-email approach.


By leveraging Speexx, Atos successfully implemented a comprehensive digital language training program with adaptable support tailored to the specific needs of local entities. Furthermore, the strategy to enhance engagement in a zero-email environment has led to exploring new communication channels with users, such as webinars, contests, and internal social networks. These initiatives contribute to reinforcing a learning routine.