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Jan28th, 2019

Speexx Announces a New Open Virtual Classroom: Expert Talk

Speexx is now offering a new webinar series called Expert Talk, in which subject matter experts from various industries host talks and skill-sharing sessions. Speexx students can select from dozens of topics to listen in on expert advice and expand their knowledge and skill sets to help them do their jobs better.

Jul18th, 2018

Smart Language Learning in China

The Future of Smart Language Learning in China As the Chinese Economy continues to grow, so does the need for online corporate learning solutions in China. In 2015, China Daily reported that nearly [...]

Mar20th, 2018

Driving Digital Transformation with Microsoft ScaleUp

"The promise of technology is to help us get more done, with less effort," says Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, a belief that is also reflected in the Microsoft solutions, as well as its ScaleUp program (formerly known as Microsoft Accelerator), offering support to companies who complement and leverage the transition to cloud solutions and a digital-first world, enabling people from all layers of society to benefit from progress and advantages of a digital society. 

Jan23rd, 2018

Growing International Business Through Language Skills

Speexx, the global provider of online corporate language training, will present solutions for continuous learning and micro learning at the upcoming Learning Technologies on 31 January and February 1, 2018, at Olympia Central, London. Furthermore, Speexx will be hosting a seminar on building high-quality business communication and agility for successful multinational operations.

Nov27th, 2017

The Human Factor in Digital Transformation

Speexx has confirmed this year's Speexx Exchange agenda for the annual conference which will discuss topical issues on e-learning and talent management practices. During Speexx Exchange, up to 150 global HR and talent management delegates across 15 countries will meet in Berlin, Germany at the Hotel Intercontinental on Wednesday 6 December 2017, on the eve of Online Educa.

Sep6th, 2017

Technology Creates Opportunity

In the past few years, the world and especially Europe has been facing a dire refugees crisis. In 2015 alone, more than one million people sought refuge in Germany. In 2016 and 2017, German authorities and non-profit organizations have made considerable efforts to house and process a large number of asylum seekers.