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Post Glow Up: Your Monthly Speexx Stats
Look out for our redesigned reporting email that makes tracking and analysis easier than ever!
  • Every month, you'll receive Your Monthly Speexx Stats – a monthly email packed with key Speexx Manager metrics: active licenses, engagement, and more.
  • Easily compare engagement to the previous month at a glance. Just look at the percentages that indicate growth (green) or regression (red).
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💼 New Finance, Banking, and Investing Learning Content
Big update for our Finance, Banking, and Investing people in the crowd: Immerse your talent in fresh industry-specific content tailored to the industry!


  • Learning becomes more relevant as your teams acquire the language they need most to communicate effectively.
  • Speexx Smart Learning delivers tangible results with industry-specific content. Read our Banking and Finance Customer Story to learn how.
  • Expect an even broader range of specialized content on insurance, pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, technology, etc.
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    Language Skills in Your Degreed LXP
    Meet our Degreed LXP integration for seamless and efficient learning! Enhance your learning experience with the new Speexx integration.


  • Hassle-free integration with the Degreed Connector.
  • Dynamic content set-up and tagging for easy search.
  • SSO for user authentication and, or creation.
  • Report skills and milestones in Degreed.
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    💬 Voice Only Mode
    Elevate your talent's speaking skills in the Skills Lab. The Speaking Skills Training now allows your people to only record their voice.

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