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WTW: On a Path of Transformation

95% Of Users Completed the Program
4.6/5 User Ratings

The Willis Towers Watson success story demonstrates the company’s decade-long faith in the Speexx platform. Speexx has been able to respond to the needs of a global workforce committed to language learning, cementing the relationship with Willis Towers Watson to assure mutual and sustained business success over time.


Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has established online learning programs, virtual library resources, as well as mentoring and coaching programs; training and skills development are part of who they are. This collaboration began in 2013 with the aim of providing WTW with customized services, while supporting their digital transformation. The Speexx Manager tool met the client’s need for metrics and content flexibility, and the relationship has been strengthened by success over time.


WTW’s decision to choose Speexx as a language provider was largely due to the proposed digital offering: the platform is accessible from anywhere and at any time, providing a convenient and flexible learning experience. In addition, Speexx Manager is the state-of-the-art administration and analytics tool for HR and L&D managers. It comes integrated with the Speexx coaching platform. provides a wide variety of metrics to assess learning progress and evolution, which has been key to the client’s success in language training over the years.

"Our employees highlight the wide variety of resources on the platform and particularly appreciate the virtual classrooms and the possibility of practicing with different teachers and accents."

Paula Saiz, HR Business Partner, WTW


Based on WTW’s clearly defined language policy, two subscription options were offered: Expert and Expert Pro. Thanks to these tailored solutions and WTW’s focus on language learning, Speexx has proven to be an effective tool for developing employees’ language skills, helping to drive WTW’s business success as a result.


With the help of Speexx, Willis Towers Watson transformed its language learning system to adapt to the needs of its staff, offering greater control of metrics and encouraging the involvement of its staff in achieving learning objectives.

The average user rating is 4.6 out of 5 and more than 75% approve of the training, reflecting the evolution in the achievement of objectives. In addition, learning processes have been simplified, effectively managing tutorials. This success story illustrates how Speexx helps companies to achieve language learning objectives by adapting to their specific requirements.

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