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Merck Group and Speexx: A 15-Year Partnership Built on Trust and Innovation

4,500+ Active Users Since 2020
3,400+ Group Virtual Classes Since 2020
1,200+ Personalized 1:1 Sessions Since 2020

Merck Group, a leading science and technology company, partnered with Speexx over 15 years ago. Speexx provided a comprehensive language training solution, adapting to evolving needs and expanding globally. The collaboration has resulted in over 4,500 active users, 15 years of trust, and a strong foundation for future innovation.


Merck Group is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science, and electronics. The company has over 64,000 employees in 66 countries and has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for more than 350 years.

Merck Group makes a positive difference to millions of lives every day, from advancing gene editing technologies and discovering unique ways to treat the most challenging diseases to enabling the intelligence of devices. The partnership between Speexx and Merck Group began more than 15 years ago when Merck Group was searching for a language provider that could offer both face-to-face and digital learning. Speexx was able to fulfill these requirements and, through ongoing innovation, has maintained its relevance as a trusted partner throughout the years.


Merck Group was in search of a language training provider that could offer an array of languages, a flexible learning platform, and an exceptional learning experience while requiring minimal maintenance from the company. After careful consideration, Merck Group selected Speexx due to its outstanding instructional quality, the team’s professionalism, and its ability to provide tailored solutions that align with Merck Group’s needs.

Through its collaboration with Merck Group, Speexx has transformed from a local service provider for German employees to a global solution for all Merck Group staff worldwide.

“With Speexx, we have a great partner to offer state-of-the-art language learning; it’s great to see them invest in continuously improving their learning platform to make language training even more effective and motivating. Through the Speexx interface with its varied modules, we were able to offer individualized language training for our global workforce.”

Sandra Schmidt, Senior Expert Global Learning Strategy, Merck Group


Merck Group found Speexx to be the perfect language training partner. With a vast selection of languages, a user-friendly digital platform, and excellent instructional quality, Speexx provided a high-quality learning experience that was flexible and accessible from anywhere.

As the scope of the collaboration between Merck Group and Speexx has expanded, Speexx ensured that global requirements met local needs, which at one time included a customized program for China. This local support has been pivotal for Merck Group’s operations both nationally and internationally.


The collaboration has been characterized by trust, with Speexx seen as a strong partner that listens to the client and provides solutions that fit their needs. Speexx has shown agility in adapting to evolving priorities, delivering creative learning solutions, and expanding with the client.

Speexx’s Smart Learning platform has assisted over 4,500 Merck Group employees in enhancing their language proficiency, providing over 3,400 group virtual classes and more than 1,200 personalized 1:1 sessions since July 2020.

Notably, one of the most active learners has spent over 250 hours in language training. Additionally, Merck Group’s feedback has played a crucial role in shaping Speexx’s product, particularly in developing vocabulary training and introducing the new Smart Learning offering.

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