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Eberspächer: Overcoming Accessibility Challenges with Speexx to Empower Global Communication

1,500+ Active Learners
50:50 Distribution of LMS and Registration Portal Users
16% Of Learners Are Beginners (A1 and Pre A1)

Speexx joined forces with Eberspächer, a leading system developer and supplier to the automotive industry, to provide digital language training for its workforce of 10,000 employees. Among the key challenges were to implement solutions for broad Learning Management System (LMS) access, offer training in multiple languages, and fulfill the need for a predominantly automated platform. Since its launch, more than 1,500 Eberspächer employees have benefited from Speexx language learning program, marking significant progress in language learning accessibility and efficiency within the automotive industry.


Founded in 1865 and headquartered in Esslingen, Germany, Eberspächer is a leader in global automobile manufacturing. Known for innovation, its three business areas are exhaust technology, thermal management, and vehicle electronics. Eberspächer continues to be a pioneer, shaping the future of mobility.

Before partnering with Speexx, the company utilized in-person language courses for employee development. However, in 2021, Eberspächer sought a digital language learning solution to serve its 10,000 employees worldwide.


A significant challenge for Eberspächer when choosing the ideal language training partner was making sure all employees could access courses, including those without access to a Learning Management System (LMS).

Furthermore, the company required a solution that supported not only English but other languages as well. They also required a highly automated platform that was straightforward to manage with minimal effort from the HR department.

“At Eberspächer, our success stems from creating solutions that are both innovative and tailored to specific needs. Speexx embodies these same qualities, providing our employees the flexibility to learn languages wherever and whenever it suits them best. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

Paul Eckert, Senior Director, Global Talent & Culture, Eberspächer


After evaluating three digital learning platforms through a direct comparison, Eberspächer selected Speexx in February 2022 for its global language learning solutions. The offerings expanded to include German, Spanish, French, and Italian, in addition to English, with the option for personalized 1:1 sessions. Employees in need of more individualized support were offered a premium upgrade.

The seamless integration of Speexx with Eberspächer’s LMS, Cornerstone OnDemand, facilitated a broad and inclusive rollout, ensuring every employee, regardless of their location or access to technology, had the opportunity for language learning. For those without access to the LMS, Speexx created a dedicated registration portal, guaranteeing a global rollout across different systems.

This strategy, promoted via the Eberspächer intranet, not only enabled a seamless learning experience but also demonstrated effectiveness through balanced enrollment rates between LMS users and registration portal users, reflecting high levels of learner engagement across Eberspächer’s diverse workforce structure.


Over 1,500 Eberspächer employees have joined the language learning program since its inception, with 16% of learners starting at the beginner level (A1 and PreA1). Over 60% of learners have chosen English as their target language, followed by German, with over 15% of users.

The success of the registration portal and LMS integration is reflected in the registration sources, which are split evenly between employees with and without LMS access, thus aligning with Eberspächer’s employee distribution. Speexx was able to ensure that all employees have language learning access, regardless of their job role or access to technology.

By offering language learning solutions that meet Eberspächer’s needs and reduce administrative burdens, Speexx has enabled employees across the company to learn foreign languages.

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