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BSH and Speexx: Achieving Objectives for Over a Decade

10 Years of Collaboration
1,100+ Active User Licenses
3,200+ Employees Improved Language Skills with Speexx

The relationship between BSH Electrodomésticos Spain and Speexx began in 2012, which reflects the enduring trust, loyalty, and confidence between both organizations. This long-standing partnership is a prime example of what Speexx is able to offer to large companies in terms of language training.


BSH Electrodomésticos Spain chose to partner with Speexx in 2012 due to its expertise and innovative solutions, experience managing big projects, as well as its focus on multi-language solutions. Likewise, the ability to provide the organization with metrics on the evolution of the training was decisive.

A relationship based on trust and loyalty has developed over the last 10 years, and a strong partnership has been key to the success of the Speexx platform as a learning tool. The wide range of languages and associated content, customizable features powered by AI, as well as flexibility in project management, have been crucial factors in enabling Speexx and BSH to work together for over a decade. Furthermore, with the current project, it has been possible to offer a corporate license that has contributed to making language training more accessible to the BSH workforce.


One of the first challenges was to enhance staff motivation with engaging content while providing increased flexibility so they could manage training in their own way and at their own pace. Follow-up by BSH was another objective to be achieved.

Providing corporate licenses has been key to the continuity of the project; being able to reach the maximum number of users helped to optimize costs. In addition, Speexx won two consecutive tenders in 2020 and 2022, demonstrating its innovative solutions and expertise.

“In a global company like BSH, where diversity is a reality, the solutions offered by Speexx give us the opportunity to improve relationships with colleagues from all countries.”

Cristina Marco González, HR Technician, BSH Electrodomésticos Spain


By partnering with Speexx, BSH Electrodomésticos Spain has enabled the end user to advance and improve their language skills with small continuous efforts throughout the year.

Something particularly valued by BSH is that employees can focus their training with flexibility when organizing live sessions, as well as find content adapted to topics relevant to each user. Likewise, being able to book one-to-one sessions when needed has been of particular value.


The decade-long collaboration with BSH Electrodomésticos Spain has provided a series of defining points positively valued by the customer. One of them has been the ability to collect detailed information on the development of training across the entire workforce.

Furthermore, the abundant supply of content and support provided by Speexx to maintain the staff’s commitment to language training has been pivotal. Speexx has provided a broad range of materials to share through the company’s channels, such as infographics related to language learning, as well as tips on how to use the platform and dashboard.

All this has helped to maintain motivation for language learning, which has had a positive impact on the training’s success.

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