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We believe in the power of mobile and online learning and we love languages. Speexx enterprise solutions will help you improve English language communication skills across borders, accelerate user engagement and get better ROI on training and budget.

Corporate Language Training with Speexx
Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve and Corporate Language Training

We  lose 75% of newly learned English skills in just a matter of weeks.

This sad result is called the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. But Speexx provides a cure, with state of the art micro-learning technology and continuous performance support.

For international corporations, Speexx is the only language platform that combines assessment, a corporate English learning app and continuous performance support. Unlike traditional training providers, Speexx helps learners to build, grow and maintain the English skills that matter.

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Beat the forgetting curve with a single source solution for corporate English training, assessment and performance support.

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800+ Global Organizations Trust in Corporate English Training with Speexx

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The Strategic Approach to Corporate English Training

Speexx brings you a brand new, learner-centric focus with essential, instructional, and expert-level learning in one integrated corporate English training environment. Speexx Essentials is the foundation with CEFR level testing, needs assessment and a mobile language app for the entire workforce. And upgrades are only for those users who really need up-skilling or support. Subscribe to the adaptive and AI-driven micro-learning feed for your entire workforce.

Your Global Solution for Corporate English Training

Speexx is the mobile English learning and skills testing solution for all your locations. Our corporate English training regions include all continents with local support in China and APAC, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

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Speexx corporate English training is for individuals and for groups

They’ll Never Learn Alone

Speexx users beat the forgetting curve in virtual groups and with private coaches. They meet international peers in Speexx virtual classrooms becoming more productive every day. And our mobile English learning app uses artificial intelligence for reliable content-to-learner matching. It guides all users and groups to prioritize the right content and learning strategy in the very moment of need.

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“We chose Speexx because it has all the features that best fit our needs and the needs of our staff. They travel a lot and find it very difficult to schedule face-to-face training.”

Miriam Sánchez Martínez, HR Learning Development Specialist, Gestamp

What Are Your Corporate English Training Needs?

We’d be happy to share real English language training success stories and strategies that work. Get in touch with our experts and training professionals.

Good English Training is More Than Great Content and Expert Coaches.

Of course, mobile corporate English training is about the best content and expert coaches. But it is also about technology, service delivery and user experience. Leading LMS and LXP providers, including Saba, Docebo, Cornerstone OnDemand, Oracle, SuccessFactors and many more trust in Speexx to provide the best English language learning app and skills testing experiences for their users.

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This is Smart English Learning

Basic, instructional and expert-level learning on one platform

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