I False Friends che gli italiani confondono più spesso

Non tutte le parole che si assomigliano hanno sempre lo stesso significato. Bisogna stare attenti infatti ai “false friends” cioè alle parole simili ma con significato diverso. Qui di seguito una lista dei falsi amici più comuni, un must-learn per chiunque voglia aggiornare il vocabolario senza sentirsi lost in translation.

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Accident (trad. incidente | false friend: accidenti)

esempio: There was an accident on the motorway the other day, 2 people were killed.

Actually (trad. in realtà | false friend: attualmente)

esempio: My last name looks Italian but actually it’s Spanish

Advice (trad. consiglio | false friend: avviso)

esempio: My parents are always trying to give advice to their children.

Agenda (trad. programma del giorno | false friend: agenda)

esempio: The agenda for the day includes 4 meetings with new clients.

Annoyed (trad. infastidito | false friend: annoiato)

esempio: Sitting in the traffic jam for hours annoyed me so much.

Argument (trad. litigio | false friend: argomento)

esempio: Anna had attended a master in fashion before she became a famous designer.

Attend (trad. frequentare/seguire | false friend: attendere)

esempio: Anna had attended a master in fashion before she became a famous designer.

Box (trad. scatola | false friend: box)

esempio: There are 80 boxes to be moved by the end of today!

Camera (trad. macchina fotografica | false friend: camera)

esempio: Have you got the camera your Dad bought you for your 18th birthday?

Canteen (trad. mensa | false friend: cantina)

esempio: You can use the microwave in the canteen to heat up your food.

Cartoon (trad. cartone animato | false friend: cartone)

esempio: Watching cartoons on Saturday mornings was a tradition for my family.

Casual (trad. informale | false friend: casuale)

esempio: Casual clothing is allowed at this job.

College (trad. università | false friend: collegio)

esempio: Did you go to college or started working after high school?

Confidence (trad. sicuro di sé | false friend: confidenza)

esempio: Her confidence helped her succeed.

Consistent (trad. coerente | false friend: consistente)

esempio: Her testimony and the statement she originally made to police are not consistent.

Control (trad. dominare | false friend: controllare)

esempio: The principal has control lover his school.

Cream (trad. panna | false friend: crema)

esempio: The chef used cream to make the sauce.

Delusion (trad. illusione | false friend: delusione)

esempio: Simon’s belief that Emma will marry him is just a delusion.

Editor (trad. redattore | false friend: editore)

esempio: The editor is responsible for everything that is printed in the newspaper.

Education (trad. istruzione | false friend: educazione)

esempio: What education do you have? A college degree?

Eventually (trad. alla fine | false friend: eventualmente)

esempio: He eventually decided to buy the red car.

Fabric (trad. tessuto | false friend: fabbrica)

esempio: Jenny bought some fabric to make a dress for the party.

Finally (trad. alla fine | false friend: finalmente)

esempio: They finally decided to go to the party even if it was far away from their home.

Fine (trad. multa | false friend: fine)

esempio: My sister received a fine for driving too fast

Library (trad. biblioteca | false friend: libreria)

esempio: She borrowed a book from the library

Mansion (trad. villa | false friend: mansione)

esempio: Richard’s family used to live in a big mansion in Montecarlo.

Noisy (trad. rumoroso | false friend: noioso)

esempio: They wouldn’t like to live in the city because they think it could be too noisy.

Notice (trad. avviso | false friend: notizia)

esempio: Someone put up a notice about new parking rules.

Pavement (trad. marciapiede | false friend: pavimento)

esempio: You should always walk on the pavement and never in the road.

Pretend (trad. fingere | false friend: pretendere)

esempio: I was just pretending, I am not really going to eat your ice-cream, don’t worry!

Romance (trad. storia d’amore | false friend: romanzo)

esempio: Their romance lasted only 6 months, they then split up.

Rumor (trad. pettegolezzo | false friend: rumore)

esempio: The current rumour is that the princess is expecting another baby.

Sensible (trad. assennato | false friend: sensibile)

esempio: John is such a sensible person. He would never do anything wild and spontaneous.

Stranger (trad. sconosciuto | false friend: straniero)

esempio: The man at the door was a stranger, Simon had never seen him before.

Sympathetic (trad. compassionevole | false friend: simpatico)

esempio: Fiona’s boss was very sympathetic when she spoke about her father’s illness. He gave her some days off straight away.

Tap (trad. rubinetto | false friend: tap)

esempio: Paul turned the tap on and let the water run in the sink.

Terrific (trad. straordinario | false friend: terrificante)

esempio: Are you getting married? That’s terrific, I am so excited and happy for you!

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