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Nel corso degli anni Speexx è stata insignita di numerosi premi di settore e riconoscimenti che confermano la qualità dei servizi offerti, la crescita dell’azienda e il peso crescente acquisito tra gli specialisti dell’insegnamento professionale delle lingue.

Worlddidac Award 2016

Speexx has been awarded for the 6th consecutive time with the prestigious Worlddidac Award for the category Blended Learning. Since 1984, the Worlddidac Foundation awards quality and excellence in the educational industry. The award is an internationally recognised distinction and the winner is chosen by a jury of renowned education experts.

International E-Learning Association Award 2016

Speexx was announced as Runner-Up in the Blended Learning category of the 2016 International E-Learning Awards IELA. The award-ceremony organized by the International E-Learning Association for outstanding e-learning products took place at the annual ICEWL conference in New York.

APel 2015 Award

The Spanish Association of E-Learning Providers (APel) rewards high quality e-learning solutions with its Excellence in E-Learning Award on an annual basis. In 2015, Speexx secured the award in the category “Most Innovative Learning Solution”.

Brand of the Year Award China

Each year, China’s Training Magazine organizes two major awards: ‘Brand of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Brand Courses’. In 2015, over 300 organizations submitted projects, out of which 83 were shortlisted for the ‘Brand of the Year’ award. Speexx made it to the final round and secured the Brand of the Year Award in the ‘Corporate Training’ category.

LT-Innovate Award 2015

The LT-Innovate Summit is the annual point of convergence for the Language Technology Industry to network, discuss strategies and explore innovation opportunities. The Jury rated presentations based on innovation & technology excellence as well as business potential & investment readiness and selected Speexx as the 2015 winner.

International E-Learning Association Award 2015

The IELA Awards Committee look for outstanding e-learning products in terms of educational soundness and effectiveness, usability, and overall significance. In 2015, Speexx received an Honorable Mention for the Blended Learning category.

Golden Globe Tigers Award 2015

The Golden Globe Tigers Award recognizes organizations and individuals for outstanding achievements and initiatives which have made a difference in communities around the globe. In 2015, Speexx was selected as the winner in the “Best Use of Technology for Training” category.

Global E-Learning Award 2014

The Global E-Learning Awards are organized by World Education Congress in Mumbai and showcase the most successful and innovative applications to the delivery of education and training. In 2014, Speexx won the Global E-Learning Award in the ‘Excellence in Blended Technology’ category for its online language training solution.

International E-Learning Association Award 2014

Each year, the IELA Awards Committee look for outstanding e-learning products in terms of educational soundness and effectiveness, usability, and overall significance. In 2014, Speexx was selected as the winner of the Blended Learning category for the second time.

Worlddidac Award 2014

Speexx has been awarded with the prestigious Worlddidac Award five times in a row. The Worlddidac Association’s international expert jury described the Speexx learning solution as particularly “innovative and valuable for education”.

The European Seal of e-Excellence 2013

Speexx is a proud winner of the 2013 European Seal of e-Excellence. The jury selected Speexx for a Platinum Seal among more than 100 applications from all over the world. The Seal is awared to companies who have translated an innovative idea into a successful solution that finds resonance in the market.

Worlddidac Award 2012

For the fourth time in a row, Speexx was awarded with the prestigious Worlddidac Award. The Worlddidac Association’s international expert jury described the Speexx learning solution as particularly “innovative and valuable for education”.

Golden Engine Award 2012

Speexx has been awarded with the prestigious 2012 Golden Engine Award for ’Strategically and Sustainably Driving China’s Education Industry’. Speexx took the top spot in the ‘Best contribution to the improvement of the education industry’ category and was the only non-Chinese company to be presented with this award.

IT Innovation Award 2012

Speexx has been awarded a winner at German IT Innovation Award “Innovationspreis IT 2012”. Among 2.500 competitors, Speexx is a winner in the category “e-Learning”. The innovation award is provided by the “Initiative Mittelstand” among SMEs. Each year products and solutions are awarded, which are outstanding in terms of degree of innovation and customer benefit. The ceremony took place at CeBIT in Hanover.

The European Seal of e-Excellence 2012

Speexx has been awarded a Gold European Seal of e-Excellence 2012. For the third year in a row, Speexx was honoured with Europe’s prime award promoting the marketing of e-innovation: The widely known Seal of e-Excellence is conferred on companies with innovative products and outstanding marketing on an international scale. Speexx was announced a winner at CeBIT in Hanover, the world’s largest computer expo.

Full certification in SCORM 2004 3rd edition

Speexx has received full certification in SCORM 2004 3rd edition by the eLearning industry’s certifying body, Advanced Distributed Learning Institute (ADL). The Speexx language learning solutions will ensure the hassle-free interoperability and reusability of its learning systems and content.

BOOAOO awards in China 2011

Speexx has received the prestigious BOOAOO e-learning Award in China for excellence in education for its innovative language learning courses called Speexx out of more than 40 competing training solutions.

Worlddidac Quality Charter 2011

Following an extensive evaluation process conducted by an international board of education experts, Speexx has been awarded with the renowned Worlddidac Quality Charter (WQC). To be certified, a company has to meet the highest demands regarding product quality, after-sales support and corporate governance. “A certified company also stands for educational excellence, innovation and long-term stability,” states Kateryna Schütz, Project Manager at the Switzerland-based Worlddidac Association. Speexx has been re-certified with the coveted seal, which is awarded for a three-year period.

The European Seal of e-Excellence 2011

Speexx has been allocated a Gold winner at the European Seal of e-Excellence awards in Hanover, Germany. The winners were announced at CeBIT in Hanover, the world’s largest computer expo. For the second year in a row, Speexx was honoured with Europe’s prime award promoting the marketing of e-innovation: Awarded annually by the Forum of e-Excellence and its partner associations, the widely known seal is conferred on companies with innovative products and outstanding marketing.

The US Language Magazine

“The program has an impressive, tailor-made speech recognition tool, Intellispeech, to help with accent reduction […], produces remarkably accurate results. […] It is not surprising that the Speexx program has won over a hundred awards and continues to add to its silverware.”

Three-Time Winner of the Worlddidac Award 2010

Following up on the great success at the 2008 Worlddidac Awards, Speexx once again underlined the company’s outstanding position in the global e-learning industry by scooping up another three of the coveted Worlddidac Awards. In presenting the award the speaker of the the jury, Mr. Beat Jost, president of the Worlddidac Foundation, said, “The international experts on the Worlddidac jury were all in agreement: the business communication skills training solutions by Speexx are state-of-the-art, and are leaders in the e-learning industry. In particular, Speexx sets the benchmark in usability as well as in the design and composition of language learning solution.”

French Award Nuit de la Formation Professionnelle

Speexx convinced the top-class jury with its consideration of the requirements of a global workforce and its flexibility. Speexx received the renowned prize at the Casino de Paris in front of 1,500 specialists of the French vocational training industry. The “Nuit de la Formation Professionelle 2010 ” honors innovative projects for advanced vocational trainings.

The European Seal of e-Excellence 2010

For the eighth consecutive year, the European Multimedia Forum (EMF) and its national and regional partner associations awarded ICT and digital media companies with the Seals of e-Excellence 2010. Speexx was honoured with the Platinum Award 2010. This prestigious European Award confirms Speexx’s excellent track record in the innovative marketing of digital products and services.

British IT Training Award 2010

“Both the content of the standard courses provided by language-teaching specialists and the techniques integrated in the courses, such as the innovative speech-recognition feature ‘IntelliSpeech’, are of extremely high quality.” The UK Institute of IT Training hosts the annual awards to recognize outstanding examples of high standards, best practice, innovation and excellence within IT training. The awards are firmly established as the benchmark for excellence throughout the IT training industry.

US Learn Trends Innovation Award 2009

Speexx captured the award at the Learn Trends conference, an online conference that spans the globe and is run by some of the US’s leading industry names, including Jay Cross, Tony Karrer and George Siemens among others. The Learn Trends Innovation Awards are designed to recognize “products, projects and companies that represent significant innovation in Corporate/Workplace Learning and Performance.”

British Software Satisfaction Award 2009

Based on a voting population of more than 8,100 end users and purchasers of business software, the survey for the Software Satisfaction Award was one of the largest individual pieces of business opinion research in the UK and across Europe. The Software Satisfaction Award was Speexx’s first audience award. Participants in the survey were asked to rate the products’ ease of use, functionality, reliability and value for money.

UK e-learning award 2008

The submission for the award was based on a case study highlighting the use of the Speexx’s blended learning language training at the leading automotive supplier MAHLE in Shanghai, China. In presenting the award, the jury composed of members of the UK eLearning Network ELN emphasized that the award specifically recognized the innovative technology and pedagogical value of Speexx’s language training solutions.

The Worlddidac Award 2008

The Worlddidac Foundation’s specialist jury distinguished Speexx’s corporate language training Speexx as an outstanding concept, adding that it especially stands out through its considerable potential for the improvement and facilitation of learning and teaching languages.

The Worlddidac Quality Charter 2008

Speexx received its certification under the Worlddidac Quality Charter (WQC) following an extensive evaluation process conducted by an international jury of education experts. This prestigious designation was presented to Speexx by the Worlddidac Foundation, an independent, international trade association for the education market with members in more than 50 countries. The Worlddidac Quality Charter is a quality certification for companies who participate in educational projects worldwide.

German Education Award digita 2008

The jury rated Speexx Plug&Learn as a new innovation with an excellent didactic concept. Their review stated: “The program works according to the newest didactic principles (…). It motivates the students to actively and autonomously take part in the process of learning.”

French Chamber of Commerce – AGERCEL

At the Association de Gestion de Réseau des Centres d’Etudes des Langues des CCI, the Speexx solution is used exclusively at 82 language learning centers of the French Chamber of Commerce in their blended learning approach.

UNESCO Award – Prix Möbius International

The Speexx English learning software solutions and the IntelliSpeech accent reduction tool were awarded with the UNESCO Award – Prix Möbius International.

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