Engaging A Multicultural, Multigenerational Work Force | e-book

How can HR and L&D effectively manage different workforce generations and cultures

The modern workforce brings together multiple generations, such as Millennials, BabyBoomers and more recently, even Gen Z. This e-book will help you understand the different needs of various generations and cultures within your teams. Get practical tips on how to effectively deliver learning that helps them cross the generational and cultural barriers.

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In this e-book you will learn:

  • what characterizes the modern work force

  • how to engage millennial talent

  • how to embrace a multicultural work force

  • how to build the right learning strategy for Gen Z

  • how to get the best out of your multicultural, multigenerational work force

The Modern Work Force

«For the first time in history, organizations are made up of four different generations. While the focus has lately been on Millennials, as the largest group in the work force, it is important that HR and L&D professionals do not lose sight of delivering efficient learning across a multigenerational work force.»

Embracing a Multicultural Work Force

«As organizations expand into new markets, diverse teams will rely on strong soft skills and communication in multiple languages in order to work harmoniously across borders. Teams can only work together successfully if they are able to communicate effectively.»

Building the Right Learning Strategy for Gen Z

«Gen Z is the first digitally native generation. Born after 1995, this demographic is known to be more frugal and risk-averse. Getting your learning strategy right for this cohort will involve diverse approaches to learning, embracing diversity and inclusion, and much greater use of new technology.»

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