HR Webinar | All Things Automotive

20 July 2021 from 3PM to 4PM
 Language: English
 Duration: 45 mins

In this session we’ll talk about:​

  • The automotive industry​
  • Risks and challenges in the business​
  • Autonomous driving ​
  • E-mobility

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Speexx Trainer | Frank Hubber

Frank Hubber
Frank HubberSpeexx Trainer

I was born in Uruguay but left South America at the age of six. Currently I live in Milan. I have also lived in other parts of Italy such as Sicily, as well as in London and Manchester, in the UK. I have studied English Literature and Theatre studies and attended a postgraduate course in Hotel administration. I worked in the hotel business for several years before becoming an English teacher. I enjoy taking my Spanish greyhound out for long walks.

​After 20 years of experience in the hotel industry, Frank turned his attention to English coaching full-time in 2013 after completing a CELTA qualification. Adopting a student-centered approach, Frank has coached learners of all ages and levels and as a certified Cambridge Examiner, he has considerable experience in preparing students for Cambridge ESOL exams. He has also coached managers at Executive Language Training in Milan and in addition to classroom training in companies like Vodafone, Frank provides the full range of online coaching and training services at Speexx to a vast array of clients including ENEL Group. His assessment expertise has allowed him to create digital content for Speexx TOEIC and Cambridge preparation courses, as well as assist with the quality management of other Speexx assessment coaches.