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We love talent management, learning technology and communication! If you’re an expert or thought leader in one of these areas and would like to contribute to our blog, simply drop us a line!

Become our Guest Blogger

What we offer guest bloggers

Speexx is based in Germany, the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, China and Brazil – our readers come from all over the world.

All guest bloggers will have a brief bio at the bottom of their article and a link to their own blog or company website. This is a great way to reach new audiences and increase your exposure online.

What we’re looking for

  • Original, unique and high-quality content that reflects your expertise and provides value to readers.
  • A three to four sentence bio that includes a link to your blog or company website.


Drop us a line with some information about yourself and your organization or website, as well as the topic you would like to write about.

See you soon!

Become our Guest Blogger

About Speexx

More than 8 million users in 1,500 organizations – including Ericsson, Saint-Gobain, UNHCR and Credit Suisse – use Speexx to learn a language smarter and deliver results on time. Speexx is easy to use and scales to the needs of users and training managers in organizations of any size. The Speexx branded Perfect Blend integrates online business communication skills training, mobile and social learning, expert coaches located throughout the world and personalized live online activities into one fully standardized, globally consistent learning experience.