Bridging the gap between technology and commitment to workforce learning needs

Organizations are rapidly moving towards a cloud of consolidated talent management solutions. But is technology superseding usage? A centralized learning platform requires local support for unlocking its potential for end consumers.

In this white paper you will discover:

  • How will the M&A activity in the talent management landscape affect the global learning system you use?
  • What are the barriers keeping HR Managers from implementing cloud-based solutions to support their organization’s talent management strategy?
  • What needs to be done to close the gap between opportunity and usage when it comes to workforce training projects?

‘Bridging the gap between technology and commitment to workforce learning needs’ examines the changing landscape of learning and how organizations close the gap between technology usage and capitalize on workforce talent. For many companies looking to expand their operations and revenue streams, multilingual communication is an asset across all activities, not just for sales and marketing.

This white paper offers an approach to the following questions and will help you as HR and L&D Managers make better decisions in your daily work.

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