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Digital language training built for the hybrid workplace and powered by world-class live coaches and advanced AI. Plus, we provide all the tools, analytics and services to make all of you in HR and L&D happy.

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Our technology puts people first. Find out how our team of specialised coaches helps your staff improve their communication skills. Check out this interview with our tutor Martha Del Vecchio, who tells us about her experience teaching Business English in the energy industry.

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Giulia Rossi Enel

Giulia Rossi

People Business Partner, ENEL

“During the time I worked with Speexx, I can honestly say we created a genuine partnership. Together, we found creative solutions to improve user engagement while streamlining processes. It’s the simple things that are fun, which capture people’s hearts. And working with Speexx, we were able to guide our training offering in that exact direction”.

Discover how we work in the energy industry with our ENEL Case Study:


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Speexx has redefined the boundaries of learning, transforming every virtual classroom session into a focused, pure conversation on the topics that matter most to businesses today. In the Speexx virtual sessions, users can develop and maintain the language skills that matter, both in the energy sector and beyond, and improve their skills while enjoying other hyper-personalised content, from anywhere, and on any device.

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Thanks to our partnership with CornerstoneOnDemand, Speexx provides financial companies around the world with the highest quality content for training and assessing the language skills of their teams. The convenience, level of accessibility and speed that this type of LMS integration can guarantee, ensures that training is optimally received by all the company’s collaborators.

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Cornerstone Speexx
Cornerstone Infographic

Soft Skills training in your industry

Looking for language content to help your teams acquire the skills that matter to your business? At Speexx we know how to make you happy! With our team of highly qualified coaches and in-depth knowledge of your business, we design and develop tailor-made content on the most in-demand skills, helping you create an inclusive and collaborative work environment to increase productivity. Because we care about the growth of your employees and your company!


Vocabulary for your industry:

We design and develop tailor-made content on the most in-demand skills in each sector, helping you to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment that helps to increase productivity.


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