Everything You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence is much more than technological progress: it's the key to a smarter future. In this new work environment, it is important to understand the potential and diverse uses of AI. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this toolkit will help you understand AI, use it more effectively and benefit exponentially from it!

Recorded Webinar
Artificial Intelligence in HR and L&D - How ChatGPT and AI will change HR and L&D
Armin will briefly discuss the fundamentals of AI and its potential applications in HR and L&D, training, and talent development. How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) using ChatGPT and other intelligent systems transform the digital workplace and the work of HR? These new technologies, despite all risks, have the potential to radically disrupt Human Resources, workforce development, workplace learning, and talent management. The ability to interact with these systems – in HR and beyond - will be critical to the business success of every organization.
AI in HR: ChatGPT 101
How can ChatGPT support HR and L&D experts in their daily tasks? What are the major benefits? And how do you use this tool? This infographic provides practical information and examples on how to use ChatGPT both to enrich and streamline your workload.
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