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Program Speexx Exchange | Digital Transformation 2017

The program for Speexx Exchange is ready. It includes 6 thought leadership presentations, 1 keynote and 2 interactive exchange sessions. Click or tap the + to view the program details:

    Room Bellevue, Hotel InterConti Berlin

  • 10:00h – WELCOME
    Laura Overton, Towards Maturity
    Armin Hopp, Speexx

  • 10.15h – KEY NOTE
    Digital Transformation & the Human Factor – How should we change the way we work, communicate and learn?
    Laura Overton, CEO & Founder, Towards Maturity, London
  • 10.45h – BEST PRACTICE
    Learning needs: How Artificial Intelligence will influence Learning & Education
    Thomas Jenewein, SAP Education Business Development Manager, Walldorf Germany
    Meet your peers!
  • 11:30h – BEST PRACTICE

    Supporting the Digital Experience in L&D – How do we package micro and macro learning and build the support systems we need?
    Jamie Turner, Human Resource Director for Europe at SDI Media, Berlin Germany

  • 12:00h – BEST PRACTICE
    What current and new Trafigura employees know and need to know – Building a scalable system for soft skills needs analysis
    Richard Cannane, Global Training & Development Manager at Trafigura, Zurich Switzerland
  • 12:30h – LUNCH
  • 13:30h – REALITY CHECK I
    Crowd sourcing activity via Slido: live polling on selected questions from the annual Speexx exchange survey. What are urgent pain points in learning innovation HR needs to address in 2018?
  • 13:45h – BEST PRACTICE
    The future developments and how training activities need to shift to accommodate the digitized industry 4.0
    Ines Majewksi, Head of Sartorius Campus at Sartorius, Göttingen Germany
  • 14:30h – BEST PRACTICE
    Gamification at Save the Children: The practice of making good decisions in a demanding situation

    Samantha Davis Deputy Head of Humanitarian Capacity Building and Róisín Cassidy – Digital Learning Manager for Save the Children’s Humanitarian Capacity Building team at Save the Children, London United Kingdom.


    Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschoff, Chair in didactics and applied linguistics in the Institute for Anglophone Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen Rüschoff, Germany

  • 16:00h – Workshop REALITY CHECK II
    Deep dive | Table interview questions: How do we change the way we work, communicate & learn. Preselected topics are discussed at each table among the participants. Laura will drive the discussions towards uncovering a set of practical guidelines to implement the combined knowledge and best practice experience within your organization the following day.
  • 17:00h – CONCLUSIONS & WRAP UP
    Laura Overton

“At Speexx Exchange I have the opportunity to meet key speakers from the digital industry and to understand how fellow professionals from different parts of the world tackle the same problems that we encounter.”

Aeronautica, Italy

“Good, realistic benchmarking. Interesting and robust research findings from Laura Overton. Good networking and a good mix of people.”

Uniper Energy, Sweden

“What I liked about Speexx Exchange? The stories of the various speakers, very inspiring! Networking with the other participants and the fact that this is not a commercial event.”

Deutsche Telekom, Germany

“Speexx enables you to meet other colleagues from the L&D Society – I liked the variety of speakers and topics, the atmosphere in general, very open, and even interactive.”

Unops, Denmark

Speaker line-up

What is Speexx Exchange?

  • On the eve of Online Educa | Hotel InterContinental Berlin

  • Hosted by learning industry legend Laura Overton of Towards Maturity.

  • Laura will drive the interaction towards answering the following question: ´The Human Factor – How do we rethink the way we work, learn and communicate?´

  • On the program: networking, latest industry research, best practice presentations on global digital transformation projects.

  • Attended by experts and thought leaders from the global HR and L&D community from more than 20 countries

  • Plenty of time to mingle and enjoy the best food served by the renowned Hotel InterContinental cuisine