Apr 22nd, 2016

Don’t Stress Out

For several years, stress has been the number one cause of long-term sick leave in Britain, outdistancing other usual suspects like repetitive strain injuries or illnesses like cancer. It sounds bad – but the real danger is not taking any steps to change that.

Apr 15th, 2016

Break down Communication Silos!

If you work in a multinational organization with offices all over the world your workforce has a business need to communicate across borders with colleagues, clients and partners. But without the right language skills, your staff ends up working in local silos, unable to communicate with the rest of their corporate world.

Aug 20th, 2015

How to Drive Corporate Training with Big Learner Data

We've just published the final edition of our 3 part video guide to help HR and L&D professionals deal with developing a global workforce. ‘How to drive corporate training with big learner data’ gives an insight into how learner analytics benefit organisations in their training programmes and decision-making processes. It also lists practical tips on applying the right metrics and predicting learner behaviour in the future.