Jul 21st, 2016

Smart Recruiting in the Era of Digital Transformation

Large organisations need to process thousands of applicants sometimes in a very short time-frame. A filter such as a language test drastically reduces costs and ensures a higher chance that HR Managers take pride in the quality of their hires, turning the “chaos of recruiting” into a smart process.

Jan 11th, 2016

The Worst Bosses in Film

They say that art reflects life, and when it comes to how we perceive our workplaces, this is often true. Though the situations portrayed in film are often exaggerated (few of us would plot to kill our boss, however often we may dream of their demise), movies and TV shows about workplace dynamics can sometimes be very truthfully reflective of the challenges we face, both as employers and as employees. Here, we take a look at what some of the most notorious bosses in film teach us about what not to do.

Sep 3rd, 2015

A Review on Reviews

Few things in the corporate world generate such vociferous reactions as the performance review. Held annually, employees meet face-to-face with their judge, jury and potential executioner. Sometimes, the outcome is positive, with the employee relishing a well-earned pat on the back, hefty bonus or promise of better things to come. Other times, well, the experience is not quite so pleasant.

Jun 18th, 2015

Modernise your Learning Strategy with Laura Overton

Just a few days left before our joint expert webinar with Laura Overton of Towards Maturity! In "Modernising Learning - how to stay ahead of the game", we'll show you some practical tips for improving your learning strategy and making a real impact on the bottom line. Over 150 learning professionals from around the world have already registered, so hurry up and save your seat before we book out!