Aug 26th, 2016

Employee Learning: 3 Tips for Setting Up Your Virtual Classroom

Using blended learning - online training that gives your team control over the time, place and pace of the program - has ample benefits for employees, as well as for the company. The flexibility of a virtual classroom allows employees to master content anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices.

Jun 12th, 2016

Modernising Learning: How To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world requires organisations to be agile and responsive to the fast changing, and uncertain, business world they operate in. For L&D leaders, this means creating a learning team fit for the future, which can respond to change fast.

May 31st, 2016

Ten Values of Mobile Learning

The key characteristics of a device capable of being used for mobile learning are that it is digital; easily portable; usually owned and controlled by an individual rather than an institution; can access the internet; has multimedia capabilities, and can facilitate a large number of tasks, particularly those related to communication.

Jan 12th, 2016

Meet us at Learning Technologies 2016 in London

Just a few weeks left before Learning Technologies kicks off at Olympia, London on 3rd-4th February, and we're really excited about meeting you there. With 150 free L&D seminars, 70 conference speakers and 250 leading exhibitors, this year's show is a must for any HR or L&D Manager. Over 7,000 visitors are expected at the exhibition - don't miss out!

Jan 4th, 2016

Managing Staff Data in Corporate e-Learning

The global mobile learning market is forecast to hit $8.7 billion by the end of 2015 and looks set to reach $12.2 billion by 2017. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are becoming standard practice for many organisations and learners who are used to accessing corporate systems and data from their own mobile devices are driving demand for mobile learning. Meanwhile, EUdigitisation initiatives, such as the Opening up Education programme funded with tens of millions of Euros, are also driving the adoption of mobile learning.

Jun 24th, 2015

The Power of Lifelong Learning

The rapid acceleration of technology has made learning possible anytime, anywhere and on just about any device. How and what we learn is up to us – we could be listening to a TED talk on the plane, joining a webinar hosted on the other side of the Atlantic while at work, or taking a quiz on an app before we go to sleep.