Jul 8th, 2016

Brexit: And, What Language Do We Speak Now?

Brexit has occupied the front pages of both European and International publications. The entire world is watching expenctantly to see if the project of a common Europe will crumble under the unexpected decision of 52% of the British population. At the moment, the exit of the UK from the EU seems very likely to become a reality.

Jan 27th, 2016

Meet Mohaned, a Speexx Student from Libya

We recently spoke with Mohaned from Libya, who has just completed his first Speexx Tutor course in English. The 6-month course was provided to him as part the Libyan Red Crescent’s collaboration with DisasterReady and Speexx. Together with DisasterReady, we have enabled thousands of volunteers from charities around the world to improve their language skills online.

Nov 25th, 2015

10 Colorful Expressions to Mark Black Friday

In the US and increasingly in the rest of the world, the holiday retail season kicks off on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the day when eager bargain hunters fill the streets en masse to find the lowest prices and best offers on Christmas gifts. And although we can’t offer you a deal on an amazing flatscreen TV this week, we want to give you a little literary inspiration – related to the color black in different languages. Here are 10 expressions you may not have known in 5 different languages. Enjoy!

Jun 10th, 2015

Webinar – a Cool Tool for Teaching and Coaching

Wouldn't it be fantastic to teach in many places at the same time? Or to have business meetings all over the globe without having to take a plane? Well – today that is possible! I had been teaching traditionally for many years when I discovered Skype. Skype is an excellent tool if you want to teach or coach a person who is located far away from you.