Oct 20th, 2016

Understanding Blended Learning: Is It Right For Your Team?

Blended Learning isn’t new in education, but you may have been hearing a lot more about it in the past few years. It is steadily gaining in popularity due to its cost effectiveness and flexibility of delivery. However, it’s been recognized as an emerging trend since at least 2003. By 2014, nearly 30% of corporate learning content was delivered in a blended manner.

Jul 21st, 2016

Smart Recruiting in the Era of Digital Transformation

Large organisations need to process thousands of applicants sometimes in a very short time-frame. A filter such as a language test drastically reduces costs and ensures a higher chance that HR Managers take pride in the quality of their hires, turning the “chaos of recruiting” into a smart process.

Jul 18th, 2016

The Modern Learner: Are You Ready for The Disruption?

The disruptive technology driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution is also transforming the way we live and work. Just like all industries, HR and L&D have also gone through an intense digital transformation meant to make processes more efficient and accessible. While the implementation of new tools and technologies has allowed for lear

Jun 30th, 2015

Hurrah! LT-Innovate Award for Speexx

We've just won the LT-Innovate Award, Europe's award for innovation in language learning technology. The ceremony took place last Thursday in Brussels as part of the 2-day LT-Innovate Summit. This event brings together industry experts, investors and language training providers from all over Europe.