Webinar Microlearning en Anglais
Comment construire des expériences de formation plus engageantes ?

Le Microlearning a fait ses preuves : les entreprises qui l’utilisent ont constaté une nette amélioration dans la rétention de l’information mais aussi dans la motivation des apprenants. Dans ce webinar en Anglais, vous découvrirez comment le Micro Learning vous aide à optimiser l’expérience de formation de vos salariés

Speexx Webinars for HR


Jeudi 17 Avril 2018. – 17h00 En Anglais !


« Learning that Fits” – it has been called the next big thing in learning innovation. Microlearning has truly gained traction in the past year as a buzzword and a concept. What is microlearning? And how can you best use it to increase learning retention and not just beat the forgetting curve? In this webinar masterclass, subject matter experts Andreas Urban from Speexx and Isaac Tolpin from ConveYour share best practices in the creation of engaging learning experiences.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Microlearning benefits learners & managers
  • How to design microlearning using video
  • How to reduce time and money while increasing engagement
  • How to align learning with human behavior
  • How to make your L&D efforts catalyze organizational culture and employee engagement 

Les intervenants