Navigating Data Protection Regulations in L&D

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Companies looking to implement learning solutions on a global level are likely to hit the issue of data protection head on. This paper offers HR and L&D professionals some guidelines for dealing with this challenge effectively.

In this report you will discover:

  • Which data protection risks do L&D Managers face when implementing global learning solutions for their workforce?
  • What are the local challenges across different countries?
  • What can HR and L&D Managers do to avoid compromising personal data and how do they select the right vendor?

Organisations have become increasingly concerned about securing personal data held within e-learning systems. In the face of ever-stringent regulations, some have even gone as far as locking down entire systems or withdrawing access in certain countries, and often unnecessarily.

Based on the Speexx Exchange 2014 Survey as well as our internal data, this report offers an approach to the following questions and will help you as HR and L&D Managers make better decisions in your daily work.