HR and L&D Priorities for 2016

Veröffentlicht: Januar 2016

  • Key drivers you can expect to see in the HR and L&D landscape this year
  • How Big Data helps HR achieve business objectives and align training more closely to an organization.
  • Which data protection issues you may face when using Big Data and how to best deal with them
  • How to bridge the gap between Big Data and HR objectives
  • All about bringing home the benefits of Big Data and why communication plays a crucial part in this

2016 is going to be a huge year of change and challenge for HR and L&D professionals. Building a talented workforce, while aligning training with business needs will be the primary goals for organisations in 2016.

Big Data, i.e. using learner data to hone personalised, effective learning, will play a key part in meeting these objectives. In Part One of a two-part white paper, we set out some of the key goals for HR and L&D leaders in 2016, as revealed by the Speexx Exchange Survey, and make practical recommendations on how to achieve these goals using Big Data.

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