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Check out the highlights of our global Speexx Exchange series, which took place across Paris, Madrid, Rome and Berlin last year. Early registration for 2014 is now open, so make sure you save your seat!

Paris, Madrid, Rome and Berlin: Speexx Exchange 2013 was all about finding new approaches to global talent management and getting practical solutions that can be applied in the workplace right away. Over 450 attendees from over 25 countries joined this year, representing global organizations such as JW Marriott Maqruis, Bulgari, Brückner Group, ALSTOM, SGS, Saint-Gobain, Generali, UniCredit, BCD Travel, E.ON, Volkswagen, eBay and many more. Together, we created a unique exchange of ideas over the course of several weeks.
Speexx Exchange kicked off in Paris on November 19 in the beautiful Salon des Miroirs. The venue was filled with e-learning experts and HR Managers for half a day to share findings on the current state of the e-learning industry. The speaker panel included Charlène Berneau of Saint-Gobain, Patrick Galiano of Cegos, Olivier Charbonnier of Groupe Interfact and Ahmed Limam of Wipro Technologies. The conference was followed by open discussions and networking opportunities over some great cocktails. Find out more.
The journey continued in Madrid on November 27 at Spain's German Chamber of Commerce. Here, we met with Adrián Murcia of IFAES, Enrique Sueiro of Top Ten Business Experts, Maite Sáenz of Observatorio Recursos Humanos, Montse Font of Grifols, Raquel Calvo of GREF and Jose Antonio Viejo of Fundación Laboral de la Construcción. Exclusive research findings and discussions gave attendees a unique insight into the latest e-learning and talent management trends. Find out more.
Next up was Rome on November 28. Here, Speexx Exchange took place as part of the HRC Best Practice Day, one of the most important HR events in Italy. The speaker panel consisted of an impressive line-up of experts, such as Franco Bellini, Antonella Gesualdo and Elizabeth Crane of UniCredit, Lucio Sindaco of Gruppo Lillo MD Discount, Roberto Manzi of Yamamay, Rossello Asaro of Bulgari, Immacolata De Bonis of AXA-MPS and Renzo Manzin of Generali Business Solutions. An intensive afternoon of presentations and workshops left delegates with some great food for thought to take back to the workplace. Find out more.
The final Speexx Exchange edition took place in Berlin on December 4 and featured experts Laura Overton of Towards Maturity, Nabil Senyonga of JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Barry Trout of ChapmanBlack, Stefan Linge of SGS, Petra Pongratz-Kolbig of Brückner Group, Michael Salone of 3-6TY, Bernd Binzenbach of BCD Travel and Donald H Taylor of the Learning and Performance Institute. A full day event, Speexx Exchange Berlin kept delegates engaged from start to finish, with thought-provoking discussions, fresh perspectives and a World Cafe discussion to wrap up.

Berlin - Recap and Highlights

Speexx Exchange Berlin kicked off on the morning of December 4th at the Hotel InterContinental Berlin in cooperation with our sponsor ChapmanBlack. The room was packed, with no seats going spare. Around 100 international guests and speakers from all over the world and a broad range of industries gathered together to get an in-depth reality check on what is happening in e-learning and talent management right now. An impressive line-up of eight international experts from HR and L&D joined to share their insights.

We were delighted to welcome Laura Overton of Towards Maturity as our host, who guided us through the day with new learning approaches, lots of opportunity for the audience to interact and live votings about e-learning usage in the workplace. Laura started her session by sharing some of the key findings of this year's Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey and showing what the top quartile do differently in terms of learning in the workplace.

This was followed by Nabil Senyonga, Director of Learning at JW Marquis Hotel Dubai. Nabil gave us an insight into the e-learning advent in the Middle East and the reasons for its fast uptake. In particular, he highlighted how the learning culture in the Middle East differs from that in other parts of the world and what role the government and infrastructure play in fostering learning technologies.

Barry Trout, CEO of ChapmanBlack and HireStorm took the floor next, by showing us how to hire and retain the best talent in organizations worldwide in seven crucial steps. Barry shared a comprehensive and practical set of guidelines which simplify the hiring process for any organization aiming to find and keep the right people. Did you know that there are 4 million people in the UK alone who seeking new job opportunities and available to change right now?

Our final session of the morning was held by Stefan Linge, Head of Training & Development at SGS Germany. With an in-depth set of statistics, Stefan helped us to see what really remains of the learning process in self-directed scenarios. In order to really measure the transfer of skills and knowledge, we must use the formular of Learning x Ability x Motivation x Work Environment. Stefan also raised the question of how many organizations really help their staff grow their ability to learn and relearn.

After a delicious lunch served by the famous Hotel InterContinental cuisine, we heard how Petra Pongratz-Kolbig of Brückner Group manages intercultural awareness in a globally engaged organization. As Head of HR, Petra is faced with the daily challenge of managing intercultural teams that not only have very different approaches and expectations in terms of their work, but also in the way they acquire new skills.

Next up was Michael Salone, CEO and Co-Founder of 3-6TY, who gave us some first-hand advice on integrating learning and talent through peer-to-peer talent identification. It turns out that our colleagues often know much more about our skills than our bosses do. Michael gave us some fresh perspectives on how to deal with this and other challenges in talent management.

The next session featured Bernd Binzenbach, Training Manager of the Business Travel Academy at BCD Travel. Bernd showed us why he truly believes in the power of blended learning and how to get buy-in from colleagues and management when implementing blended learning formulas. Above all, as we discovered, it is crucial to compose different learning modules and not just throw them together.

Donald H Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, wrapped up the event with an impressive insight of learning trends and pitfalls that we can expect in 2014. In particular, Don touched upon maturing delivery, the rise of the networked individual and the demanding business as the key trends. And the 2014 pitfall for HR and L&D? Organizational agility.

Our final session involved a World Café with round table discussions, where our delegates got their final say on what is really driving learning and performance in global organizations. This was followed by some refreshments and networking opportunities to end a truly eye-opening day. To see the full day in pictures, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

This is what Speexx Exchange is all about

It´s almost a tradition now: Each year just before Christmas, Speexx Exchange brings together friends, customers and thought leaders from all over the world to take an in-depth reality check on the state of corporate e-learning and talent management. No future talk, just real hard facts. You will meet industry leaders, hear and talk about best practice for deploying global e-learning strategies and get the latest results from Europe's leading talent management research.

Speexx Exchange helps HR and L&D managers worldwide meet the challenges in managing talent across borders. Together, we'll create a unique exchange of ideas between HR and L&D professionals from loads of different backgrounds, all based on real facts and best practice straight from the experts. You will return to work with brand-new insights and practical solutions for delivering real results. Join us on the eve of Online Educa 2013 for a day packed with networking opportunities, expert presentations, collaboration and - great food. Sign up now , seats are limited!

To get a recap of tweets and images, follow us on Twitter: @Speexx, check out the event hashtag #SpeexxExchange and visit the Speexx Exchange Blog.

These were the speakers of Speexx Exchange 2013

Laura Overton Towards Maturity Laura Overton - Managing Director, Towards Maturity, UK
As the Managing Director of Towards Maturity, a UK Benchmarking organization that provides online research, Laura Overton has over 20 years' experience in supporting sustainable learning strategies. Laura presented the results of the EU-wide survey and hosted Speexx Exchange 2012. Find out more about Laura's research.
Petra Pongratz-Kolbig Petra Pongratz-Kolbig (Head of HR, Brückner Group), Germany
Petra has been in charge for Brückner Group’s HR department for nine years. Brückner is a fast-growing high tech company in the plastic industry. Here, Petra is responsible training executives and staff members who work within a constantly growing and highly international environment. In particular, her expertise involves the implementation of training sessions for cultural awareness as well as blended learning programs.
Barry Trout Barry Trout - Chief Executive Officer, ChapmanBlack, UK
Barry has extensive leadership, strategic and operational experience across a broad range of sectors. He started his career at JP Morgan and ran the Yen Bond Trading desk at Union Bank of Switzerland before building a successful career with the Boston Consulting Group. As CEO of ChapmanBlack, an Executive Recruitment firm, Barry is responsible for driving growth, increasing business value and pioneering the next generation of recruitment and technology solutions
Nabil Senyonga JW Marrior Marquis Nabil Senyonga - Director of Learning, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai
With a wide range of experience in building L&D departments across leading global hospitality chains such as Four Seasons and The Address Hotels & Resorts, Nabil is currently involved in upgrading Marriott International's e-learning gateway and leveraging resources for future associates development. See Nabil's Twitter Profile.
Donald H Taylor Donald H Taylor - Chairman of Learning and Performance Institute, UK
Don is a veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at any level from delivery to chairman of the board. A recognized commentator and organiser in learning technologies, Don is passionately committed to helping develop the L&D profession. Visit Don's official website or follow him on Twitter.
Michael Salone Michael Salone - CEO and Co-Founder, 3-6TY, France/USA
Michael Salone is the CEO and co-founder of 3-6TY, a unique consultancy firm that coaches organizations and their leaders on peer-to-peer talent identification and knowledge sharing. He has held a variety of senior HR positions in global firms such as Alstom and Schlumberger and recently completed a provocative book on the future of talent management.
Stefan Linge Stefan Linge - Head of Training & Development, SGS, Germany
As a qualified facilitator and consultant, Stefan Linge has been successfully implementing blended learning concepts in organizations since 2002. He established the SGS Career Center which fosters L&D for 3000 members of staff. More recently, Stefan’s focus has been on supporting the learning transfer in the workplace in order to secure the business value of people development.
Bernd Binzenbach Bernd Binzenbach - Training Manager Business Travel Academy at BCD Travel
Bernd has been involved in learning and development for 12 years during which he also completed a degree in eEducation. Today, his main target at BCD Travel is to cater to the specific needs of his employees and enhance the effectiveness of their training portfolios, with a particular emphasis on blended learning. His focus ranges from training in specific operative areas to talent management and development.

This is what our speakers and attendees had to say

Peter Holmark Peter Holmark - Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany
Head of HR Centre of Expertise

"A real eye opener! I met a lot of interesting people at Exchange and was particularly impressed by the amount of detail presented. I'll definitely be joining again."
Awuese Oku Awuese Oko - African Development Bank, Tunisia
Chief Learning Officer

"It was a great honor for African Development Bank to share its opinion on knowledge management and its meaning for Africa at Exchange."
Pascal Debordes Pascal Debordes - Cegos Group, France
Director International Partner Network

"The conference was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the current challenges in the L&D sector for organizations."
Rebecca Grajecki Rebecca Grajecki - Richemont S.A, Switzerland
L&D Specialist

"Exchange is a fantastic forum to share ideas on the current trends in L&D.
I really enjoyed taking part in such inspiring discussions."

Get the Speexx Exchange Whitepaper

In addition to the Speexx Exchange conference series, we conduct an annual survey to reveal current the trends and attitudes shaping the e-learning and talent management industry. Our latest survey resulted in the 2013 Speexx Whitepaper "Empowering Communication - What's in it for the bottom line?" which you can download for free. Our next Speexx Exchange Survey will provide a basis for discussion at the event and is now open for your to participate here.

And now, stay tuned for Speexx Exchange 2014

People loved Speexx Exchange 2013, so we're alrady busy planning next year's global talent management and e-learning forum. To register your interest for Speexx Exchange 2014, drop us a line at Stay up to date by checking the conference website regularly or sign up for our free newsletter. See you soon!


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