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Now in its 5th year, Speexx Exchange is one of the most successful and ground-breaking talent management forums of its kind, and brings together HR and L&D experts from around the globe.

Check out the events in pictures and videos below. To register your interest for Speexx Exchange 2015, please drop us a line at

Shanghai, Paris and Berlin: Speexx Exchange 2014 was all about finding practical approaches to new learning strategies that can be applied in the workplace right away. A total of 300 attendees from over 25 countries joined, representing global organizations such as Nokia Networks, United Nations, Rentokil Initial, Ericsson, Weber-Stephen Products, E.ON, Siemens, SEW-Eurodrive and many more. Over the course of several weeks, our global events series took us through a unique exchange of innovative ideas and concepts.
Speexx Exchange kicked off in Shanghai with more than 70 HR and L&D professionals from some of China's leading domestic corporations, as well as some foreign organizatoins. The half-day event took place at the Shanghai Radisson next to the People’s Square in downtown Shanghai. We partnered with local HR consultancy Martinsen Group (a subsidiary of UK-based Thomas International) who brought some great new insights into leadership training in China.
The journey continued in Paris on December 2 at the Salon des Miroirs. Here, we met with Nicolas Hernandez of 360Learning, Stéphane Pineau of Training Orchestra and Olivier Gauvin of Opcalia. Some exclusive research findings and discussions gave attendees a unique insight into the latest e-learning and talent management trends. Find out more.
The final Speexx Exchange edition took place in Berlin on December 3 and featured experts Laura Overton of Towards Maturity, Peter Holmark of Nokia Networks, Ahmed Limam of Global HR Technology, Richard Gregory of Rentokil Initial, Atish Gonsalves of, Nic Laycock of Amos Laycock Consulting, Estella Miranda of SEW-Eurodrive and Harald Stoll of TTS. A full day event, Speexx Exchange Berlin kept delegates engaged from start to finish, with fresh perspectives, loads of networking and a World Café discussion to wrap up.

Meet the speakers of Speexx Exchange Berlin

Laura Overton Towards Maturity Laura Overton (Host) - Towards Maturity, UK
Managing Director
Laura has over 2 decades of experience helping organizations to improve the business impact of learning technologies in the workplace. She is the Managing Director of Towards Maturity – a not for profit organisation that provides research and online resources to help organizations deliver effective learning intervention at work. Laura hosted Speexx Exchange in both 2012 and 2013.
Ahmed Limam Ahmed Limam - Global HR Technology, France
International HR Technology Expert
Ahmed has 20 years' experience covering all angles of HR technology (practitioner, product management, business development, implementation). Ahmed, who speaks five languages fluently, has lived in the US, Brazil, Spain, Britain, Africa and Switzerland. He is active as an HR/talent technology advisor to multinationals, as well as a well-known blogger, speaker, author and influencer.
Atish Gonsalves Atish Gonsalves -, U.S.A.
As Director of, Atish is responsible for the strategy, development and outreach to support the critical training needs of the global humanitarian community. Before joining the Foundation, he led the learning technology team at the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), where he was responsible for innovation, e-learning content development and communication technology training.
Estella Miranda Estella Miranda - SEW-EURODRIVE, Germany
Usability and Interaction Designer
Estella's expertise lies in the creation of user-friendly software systems and web applications, with her main focus being the benefit for the user. At SEW-EURODRIVE, Estella develops learning systems which are both fun to use and keep up learner motivation.
Harald Stoll Harald Stoll - TTS, Germany
Product Manager, Software
Harald has been working as Product Manager at TTS since 2002, where he is responsible for delivering innovative software solutions to clients worldwide. At TTS, both knowledge management and knowledge transfer are crucial to successful product development. They are closely linked to the modern technologies which are addressed within electronic performance support.
Nic Laycock Nic Laycock - Amos Laycock Consulting, South Africa/UK
Nic is an independent consultant with nearly 40 years' experience in learning. He is passionate about the application of technology to learning, seeing it as the solution to issues of application in the workplace. A firm believer in the power of social media in learning, Nic is a regular conference speaker and blogs about online communities in the workplace and the value of learning to organizations.
Peter Holmark Peter Holmark - Nokia Solutions and Networks, Germany
Head of TLO Expertise
With a wide range of experience in multicultural environments undergoing fast changes, Peter works towards creating people performance that makes business successful. At NSN, he manages a team that uses the NSN HR Centre of Expertise solutions as a basis to make HR interventions with a worldwide impact. His focus areas are talent, leadership and organizational development.
Richard Gregory Richard Gregory - Rentokil Initial, UK
Head of U+
Richard is Head Of U+ (Learning) for Rentokil Initial, where he focuses on delivering compelling, engaging and business centric learning to over 60,000 employees in 60 countries and in 31 different languages. Prior to joining Rentokil Initial, Richard spent 7 years with Accenture, providing consulting expertise in learning strategy, governance & technology to some of the world’s top companies.

This is what Speexx Exchange is all about

It´s almost a tradition now: Each year just before Christmas, Speexx Exchange brings together friends, customers and thought leaders from all over the world to take an in-depth reality check on the state of corporate e-learning and talent management. No future talk, just real hard facts. You will meet industry leaders, hear and talk about best practice for deploying global e-learning strategies and get the latest results from Europe's leading talent management research.

Speexx Exchange helps HR and L&D managers worldwide meet the challenges in managing talent across borders. Together, we'll create a unique exchange of ideas between HR and L&D professionals from loads of different backgrounds, all based on real facts and best practice straight from the experts. You will return to work with brand-new insights and practical solutions for delivering real results.

To get a recap of tweets and images, follow us on Twitter: @Speexx, check out the event hashtag #SpeexxExchange and visit the Speexx Exchange Blog.

Interested in joining Speexx Exchange 2015 as a speaker or attendee? Drop us a line at


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