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Speexx 1:1 - the premium online language training solution

Exclusive communication skills training for corporate leaders. Speexx 1:1 helps your senior managers improve their business communication and foreign language skills quickly and efficiently.

Speexx 1:1. The premium blend for corporate executives. Combining fully personalized live training sessions, ongoing support from a personal coach and the benefits of the Speexx online learning solution.

online language training

Speexx 1:1 is live communication in the virtual classroom and via telephone with personal online trainers and ongoing support by professional coaches. View a recorded session here, sign up for one of our open classes or contact us for a one-on-one personal demo.

Fully personalized online language training

Key benefits – VIP training in the virtual classroom and on the phone

  • Perfect: Ideally suited to senior executives with tight schedules and frequent business travel.
  • Effective: One-to-one training with a dedicated trainer throughout the entire course - fits any working environment.
  • Real: Live business communication with a native speaker trainer in the virtual classroom and via telephone.
  • Customized: Individual training path and adaptation to professional learning needs.
  • Flexible: No room booking required, no travel costs.
  • Intensive: VIP coaching with weekly assignments and targeted progress reports - at least two contacts per week
  • Comprehensive: Tailored to professional needs, including virtual conferences, telephoning, meetings, emails, presentations.

See why our global customers chose to learn a language online with Speexx.

The Perfect Blend – live online training with self-study and active coaching

  • Live communication in the Speexx Virtual Classroom. Easy-to-use interface and software – specifically developed for language training on the internet.
  • Award-winning self-study language learning courseware for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation practice, accent reduction, and reading comprehension.
  • The active online coaching service: Motivation through weekly assignments with personal feedback, immediate response and personalized learning paths.

Learn more about the Speexx Perfect Blend.

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Available languages and levels

Available for Business English, Spanish, German, French and Italian with 13 user interface languages.

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"The Speexx accent reduction tool facilitates more reliable results than conventional systems."

"Speexx has seamlessly continued to deliver its line of innovative and high-quality language training solutions."

Worlddidac Award 2014

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