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blended learning

We simply call it the Perfect Blend. Our online language learning solution provides you with the perfect combination of live communication skills training, interactive courseware and personalized coaching.

Accelerate time to value with the Perfect Blend. Our innovative blended learning approach combines live communication skills training with our award-winning virtual classroom solution or via telephone, self-paced online study with engaging learning tools and ongoing personal support from 1,200 certified coaches worldwide.

blended learning

The Perfect Blend – blended language training with Speexx.

The Speexx blended learning solutions scale perfectly to the needs of your organization, allowing you to select the course blend that best suits your workforce to bring fast and measurable results. Speexx with the Perfect Blend is your tailor-made online language training solution for Business English, Spanish, French, Italian and German - regardless of where in the world your employees are based.

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Key benefits – the Perfect Blend for global language training

  • One consistent global standard in blended learning technology, trainer education, services and delivery.
  • 24/7 access to a network of 1,200 certified online trainers worldwide – local expert support and coach response within 24 hours.
  • True business communication skills training with the Perfect Blend – focus on language training skills: e-mails, reports, documents and oral communication.
  • The most comprehensive multilingual blended learning resource: 30,000 exercises, 4,000 hours and 40 types of engaging activities including the acclaimed IntelliSpeech accent reduction tool.
  • Adapts easily to all your global talent development processes - from blended learning to performance management systems - with easy-to-use reporting and administration tools
  • A global financial services company accelerated time-to-value by 50% compared with conventional face-to-face training while reducing seat time by 32% with the Perfect Blend.
  • The HR department in a major global technology company had an ongoing investment in technical English language training that suffered from low student motivation in traditional face-to-face training. After introducing Speexx blended learning, the pass rate went up to more than 90%.

See why our global customers chose to learn a language online with Speexx.

Speexx Live: Communication skills training in the Virtual Classroom

The Speexx Live Virtual Classroom is the perfect solution for real-life communication with our experienced online trainers. This element of the Perfect Blend brings the human touch to e-learning and allows students across different time zones to attend morning or evening training at their own convenience. Speexx Live is the first tool specifically designed for video conference-based language training and brings unprecedented audio and video quality to language students all around the world. Its new whiteboard feature offers even more interactivity. Speexx Live sessions are held by qualified native trainers, with sessions lasting 45 minutes. Find out more about blended learning with Speexx Live.

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Speexx Phone: One-on-one communication skills training on the phone

The Speexx Phone blend integrates neatly into the Perfect Blend – one-on-one business communication skills training with professional native speaker trainers via telephone. Lessons last 25 minutes and can be easily fitted into a busy work schedule. Taking lessons over the phone is an ideal add-on to a blended learning course for managers on the move or employees in remote locations. And of course, it's a great way to prepare for a business phone call or virtual conference. Students can talk about a topic of their choice and receive immediate and personal feedback from their trainer. There are no hidden costs - students are called by their language teachers via landline. Find out more about blended learning with Speexx Phone.

Engaging courseware: self-paced study, anytime and anywhere

A completely new approach to speech recognition and individual progress evaluation has set our award-winning blended learning solution apart. As part of the Perfect Blend, the Speexx language training platform is the mobile and flexible solution for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent reduction, listening and reading comprehension exercises. The industry's most comprehensive online language learning resource contains more than 30,000 exercises, 4,000 hours of learning content and 40 types of engaging activities for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, addressing all skill levels. Clearly structured blended learning paths help students to immediately increase productivity by applying new after every lesson.

Take a video tour through blended learning:

Self-study solutions are convenient and significantly increase productivity in blended learning. Asynchronous e-learning allows students to learn at their convenience, at a unique location and during their personal time preference. Plus: Asynchronous self-study e-learning facilitates post-training support and remedial learning.

Active coaching: universal access to experts around the world

Eliminate 'bad instructor days'. Speexx online coaching provides international access and exposure to expert knowledge and top instructors. The leading coaching service assists online language students in corporations with more than 1,200 certified online coaches, the industry's most stringent quality assurance system and 24/7 global access. The active online coaching service guarantees learner motivation through personalized weekly assignments with individual feedback, immediate response and personalized learning paths. Available for 15 industries and business-specific topics like HR, finance, automotive, pharmaceutical and many more. This completes the Speeexx Perfect Blend.

Web-based assessment: instant results, scalable and standardized

With the Speexx testing suite, large organizations worldwide perform a language skills gap analysis within just a couple of days or even hours, and users monitor their progress through a personal knowledge path.

blended learning

Speexx clients use the Speexx test platform as a placement test before training begins, at mid-term and as a final test at the end of their course. Results are immediately available and are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is the most widely-used and recognized language proficiency scale in the world. Assessments are easily interpreted to determine employee or applicant language qualifications. The Speexx test platform scales perfectly to your corporation's needs and integrates smoothly into any learning or performance management system.

Find out more about our individual blended learning solutions.

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